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The 2010 Mercury Online Charity Auction is Over!

Thanks so much to everyone who donated to the auction and to everyone who placed a bid. You helped make the 2010 Mercury Online Charity Auction an overwhelming success.

This year's charity of choice is The Raphael House (, a local nonprofit that assists survivors of domestic violence and their families!

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Martin Ontiveros

Martin Ontiveros

The art of Portland's own Martin Ontiveros graced the very first cover of the first Mercury ever (Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1, 2000), which set the tone for our next two billion issues. It’s cute! And creepy. Creepy cute!

Item Details

  • Print size: 11"x14"
  • Quality: Archival fine art giclee print using pigment-based inks
  • Shipping details: Local pick-up: Free, or USPS First Class Shipping: $7.50

Most Coveted

  • Andrew Zubko Andrew Zubko
    Crowd sourced by readers of the Mercury’s Blogtown and internet-famous Portland artist Andrew Zubko, we all came up for the idea for this one, appropriately titled, “Betty White with a… more »

  • Jen Corace Jen Corace
    Artist Jen Corace has graced the cover of the Mercury no less than five times (!!) and with good reason: her work is gorgeous, innocent, and awwwwesome. This particular piece… more »

  • Jack Pollock Jack Pollock
    This pin-up girl piece of searing political commentary by Pollock that references both the Vargas girls and the old Coppertone ads was originally published in March 2003 (Vol. 3, No.… more »

  • Tony Millionaire Tony Millionaire
    Here’s one from the celebrated author and illustrator of the booze-drenched Maakies (seen every week in this paper since the dawn of time). It originally graced the Mercury on September… more »

  • Souther Salazar Souther Salazar
    Gracing the cover of this very issue (November 28, Vol. 13, No. 28), we're thrilled to have the work of artist Souther Salazar in the Mercury and our charity auction.… more »

  • Driscoll Reid Driscoll Reid
    One of our personal favorites, this gorgeous and funny painting is by Driscoll Reid, who specializes in... I don't know what you call them... "Americana monster landscapes"? Whatever... we love… more »

  • William Hundley William Hundley
    Photographer William Hundley (Austin, Texas) uses his finely honed picture-taking skills to ask the important questions… such as, “How do you get a Chihuahua to stand still on eight cheeseburgers?”… more »

  • Nikki McClure Nikki McClure
    You’ve seen Nikki’s (Olympia, Washington) work everywhere, and for good reason: Her beautiful and intricate paper cuts document a one-of-a-kind artistic vision of motherhood and nature. A great Mercury cover… more »

  • Yulia Gorodinski Yulia Gorodinski
    Israeli photographer Yulia Gorodinski is internationally renown for her beautiful self-portraits that combine high fashion with bleak landscapes. Her work has been published in magazines spanning the globe—including the little… more »

  • Nicholas Gurewitch Nicholas Gurewitch
    Best known for his hilarious and popular comic strip The Perry Bible Fellowship, artist Nicholas Gurewitch (Rochester, New York) is a terrific illustrator in his own right, as evidenced in… more »

Best Deals

  • Jeremy Fish Jeremy Fish
    The art and illustration of San Francisco's Jeremy Fish combines the mythical with the post-modern... such as in this Mercury cover (July, 2010, Vol. 11, No. 7) in which a… more »

  • Keith Shore Keith Shore
    Philadelphia's Keith Shore makes art that is both innocent and steeped in meaning... and with a European flair. Originally published in the Mercury in February 2008 (Vol. 8, No. 39),… more »

  • Ryan Bubnis Ryan Bubnis
    Portland's Ryan Bubnis is a much beloved local artist whose work is best described as "modern folk." This piece—originally adorning the cover of the Mercury back in July 2012 (Vol.… more »

  • Bwana Spoons Bwana Spoons
    A classic Mercury cover (Vol. 5, No. 47, April 2005) from the much-loved Bwana Spoons (Portland): painter, toy maker, skateboard builder, zinester, beardo, and Portland legend. This will look great… more »

  • Martin Ontiveros Martin Ontiveros
    The art of Portland's own Martin Ontiveros graced the very first cover of the first Mercury ever (Vol. 1, No. 1, June 1, 2000), which set the tone for our… more »

  • Seonna Hong Seonna Hong
    Another Mercury favorite, Seonna Hong's work is a captivating and beautiful exploration of nature and her subjects—often with girls as the protagonists. This piece graced the cover of our March… more »

  • Skinner Skinner
    Electric and haunting, with a winking sense of fun, the artist known as Skinner (Oakland, California) produced this eye-grabbing piece that graced the cover of our June 21, 2012 issue… more »

  • Lisa Hannawalt Lisa Hannawalt
    Here's one for the cat-lover (or perhaps a dog-hater)! Lisa Hannawalt is a Brooklyn artist/cartoonist, and her ode to feline revenge was originally published in the Mercury in May, 2010… more »

  • Luke Ramsey Luke Ramsey
    Artist Luke Ramsey (currently of Pender Island, British Columbia) painted this fascinatingly hilarious piece that originally appeared in the October 1, 2009 (Vol. 10, No. 19) issue of the Mercury.… more »

  • Evan B Harris Evan B Harris
    If the art of Evan B Harris reminds you of life pre-20th century... you'd be right. His seafaring sketches are weathered to look old-timey, while solidly grounded in the art… more »

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