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our 6th Valentines together, thoughts of you give me perma-grin. Let's smoke, eat some edibles, get boozy then get weird together. ❤️ Pickle

Perty Lerdy

I feel so lucky to have you in my life! In a few months we'll have the tiny one and see what's next and I couldn't be happier to be doing it with you.


My dear! Let's ditch the kid, go to Foster Buds, hit up O'Malley's, and then puke up some Don Pedro. What a couple wacky years we've had! Love you!


I love you soooooo much. I would stand by you through anything. Love, VelvetAckbar


Is this corny? Maybe. But hey, I've always wanted to embarrassingly proclaim my love in a publication or on a Jumbotron or something. I love you!


To my new wife and long time best friend. Happy Valentines day! Here is to many more. From your Hunka Hunka burning love!

Bret Van Horn

I can't think of anyone else I'd rather watch The Walking Dead with tonight! I love you and I'm def gonna put a ring on it. Love, Sarah


Sweet Josh - you're caring, charming, and funny to boot - but I'll leave your ass as soon as you utter "whoop whoop." Thanks for not being a Jugallo.


You are the Jim to my Pam, the Mulder to my Scully. Even though you fart a lot I love you and I've got scented candles. Let's make out and eat pizza!


Thank you for always making me so damn happy. I think to myself everyday how lucky I am to have you in my life. I LOVE YOU! Happy Valentine's Day!


In this game called life, you're my player 2.


Hands down every year's better than the last & I'm love that you're my handsome, Timbers loving Sweetheart. If only you'd fix that Browns thing! XOD


HVD! looks like we really are growing old together! can't wait for the next 8 yrs and Timbers this summer! xo MIDGE/INVISIBLE BF


No assembly of words could capture the slightest myth of the magnificence you possess. My heart is forever drawn toward your unwavering light.


Hello. It's me.

G Money

I could not imagine having a better bro than you, buddy. You are the greatest.


I will never admit how in love with you I am.

Colleen, Jon & Raif

Thank y'all so much for taking such great care of me! I appreciate the baths, poop removal and snuggles. I wanna meet more CH cats & go swimming, k?


Your stinks, bears, blue monsters, giraffe, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentines day. I love you, Machu.

Mikey G

I'm sorry I am such a cunt when I get drunk. See you at Valentines later?

OK Wolverine

With your mutton chops I was smitten, Like a tiny, little kitten. I can't keep my mouth shut, MEOWing at your CATBUTT.


Something's gotta give now Cause I'm dying just to make you see That I need you here with me now Cause you've got that one thing

Crew Family Tree

Brent, Serina, Gabby, and Felines: Love and laughter to you this sweet 2016. You bring us joy and smirks everyday. xoxo, Shannah & Curlew


Hey dream girl, you are a gift. I'm glad I don't have to say I like you anymore!


Every day I can't wait to come home to you, I can't get enough time with you. I am so lucky that I was able to find my life partner. I love you.


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I am pretty lucky that I have you. Love, Amy


ily. aiaw. superman.

Neil the real deal

10 years marks a hot tub purchase! I love our adventures, 12*12*17 is around the corner, will you go to Mexico with me? Love, Tanna banana & Oz

Handsome Joe

I didn't think it was possible to love you more, but my heart swells each time I see you and Finley together. You're the best father and husband. Lana

Jonathan "Bubba" D

My life has a whole new meaning with you in it. 10 yrs has been a ride. Lets see where another 10 yrs will take us. You are my Valentine- I love you!

Sweet Darjeeling!

Me love oolong time.


Here's to 19 more years of everythingeverything, my beautiful wife and teammate. -Ngila


Thank you for choosing and taking the first bite of our chicken strip, succulent sugartail. I love you. -Bear

Tall Human Joe

I like you a lot better when you're sitting down. And thank you for the giant bear that I get to share with my person. Love, Lumis the Cat


The luck I've had can make a good man turn bad. If all the horrible luck I've had is the karmic balance that was needed for me to meet true perfection


Talking to you, laughing with you, being with you, changes my whole mood. L.A. I fuckking love you.!!!


I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me with Foot Fish, Fit Foosh, Lumpy and the rest of the gang. Forever always❤️🐽🐸👽 xoxoxoHands🙌🏽


Thanks for putting up with my choice reality tv viewing binges. But I'm always down for Walking Dead & Better Call Saul. Love you boo.

Chili Bean

Last year we were just a bean and a taun taun, with some fire sauce. Now we're about to become man and wife. And I couldn't be happier. I love you!

Johnny Rocket

had to hunt you down! Its been 6 yrs we are expecting our 2nd son had our ups downs and outs Thru all the b.s. I still LOVE you Olive juice babygirl!

Chewbacca Bonham

I want to climb inside your skin and take a nap with you. My cheek fits in your clavicle because we were meant to be. Panda tucker for life.


I miss you lots but I love the adventures we do have together and hope for many more ahead. XOXO


I love you boo !!! :) :)


You have been a breath of fresh air and given me that extra bit of incentive to get out of my joke of a marriage. <3 P.s. I'm pregnant.... JkJk

Flower Girl

Your passion is intense . Your dorkiness is refreshing. Your creativity is inspiring. Your patience is amazing. My body is hungry. My heart is ready.

Lightning bug

You are with me always... In a smile, a memory, a feeling Or a moment we share. You will always be My Forever Love-Love you Lindsey

Lindsey B

The brightest star in sky can't compare to your beauty The smile you give can brighten anyones gloomiest day Your are the greatest blessing I love you


Two years of fun adventures! Let's keep it up! XO BS


You had dental surgery and left me a voicemail. Such a hottie with puffy cheeks. I'll squeeze them and more.


We're both the fucking worst but you're my soulmate and I'll love you always.


You are magic! I love hanging out with you and I love your essence. Your eyes are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Xoxo

Adam G

My sweetness, I'm super thankful that you're in my life - Netflix & chill in the actual sense, all with chats and love. I'm in!

Muscle Man

I'm lucky you're my Valentine. I love you! XOXO-JZ


I hope you know how very much I love you. Nothing will change that, and that you find what you are looking for on the new path you are taking.

Zora Von P

I will forever be inspired, encouraged, and humbled by your presence in my life. No need for a reminder... but always be your incredible self - Z+Z

Sarah Maow

You are my love. Thank you for sharing your life with me. -Joe

Mi Amor

Quick! Both kids are napping! Strip the clothes, find the lube and let me give you the best five minutes of your sleep deprived day :) I love you!


Happy Valentines Day Love! XOXO


Wishing you a have a special Valentine's day. Thank you for blessing me with the two spawn. Love, Seth


You make me the happiest version of myself, and you're hotter than sriracha to boot. You're my heart and the love of my life. Saranghae, Shan


The Monarch to my Dr. Mrs., the Archer to my Lana, the Bob to my Linda. Thank you for never giving up on us. I love you and I like you - t, n, a...

Lindsay La Colombian

I Wanna Rock With You (All Night) Dance You Into Day (Sunlight) I Wanna Rock With You (All Night) We're Gonna Rock The Night Away - MJ


I'm sure you're out there, and when we meet, I am certain it will be a surprise, and a delight. Looking forward to your unexpected entrance, mister.


To the one who lets me truly be my 100% goofy self. Thank you for all the laughs and adventures. Here's to five years and fifty more. Peepo <3 Beebo!


Me without you is like pee without poo. Love, your stinky girlfriend

Pap Pap

can't wait to eat some schnitzel and spaetzle and spoon ya. you're alright. luv mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO


You are the best Mario who ever Mario'd. I will love you forever. Love, Mario


I am so blessed to have you in my life. The rumors were true: you really do eat great pussy. Love you, Striebly.


You'll always be my team Captain. Love, your Pigeon


Years without a peep Months in search of something cheap We're now down the street


You are the light of my life, fire of my loins. Love, Mads M.


Thanks for spending the past 10 years of your wild and precious life with me-they have been the best years of my life. You are my favorite gravy. xo

Sex Weasel

out of all the butts, it's yours I want to touch. Love, Smarty Panties.


Happy Valentine's Day my Angel Boy <3 reading Having a Coke w/ You always makes me cry & i'm reading it now thinking of u. sorry i'm so corny <3

Donny Trump

You God damned hobo's version of a cartoon rich person. I'm looking forward to becoming Canadian if things go well for you. Fuck Halmark Day, Scott


HEEEEEAAAY! Thanks for being my Valentine. I know I barely earned it lately, but I am glad for the chance. I love you so.

Chloe Rose

we are swimming toward each other. Your light, your love, our laughter - is our guidance. Sweetest day sweet b. To the moon.


Happy Valentine's Day to my awesome husband! Looking forward to exploring new continents with you and raising our secret peanut in the coming year.


Your Skittles taste the best. Ultra-edging is fun and all...but let's telepatically affect reality again and burn out some lights.

Sean Pain

Remember that time in 2003 when I paid those 2 transient men in 40s to deliver a Valentines Day package to you at the Dog House? ILoveYourStupidFace!!


Though I will not listen to your podcast, I still ♡ you.


Somebody in Portland loves you! Thanks for the best visit... Until we meet again for our next adventure, I hold these moments close to my heart. xoxo


Happy Valentines Day! Love, EZ


I love you. I want to gobble your face lovingly while we read this dumb Valentine together.


My special and singular bean/ of whom I could rhapsodize quite obscene/ but because these things are not fit for print/ I shall only (lovingly) hint.


You are the love of my life, the eggs to my bacon. I'll always be here for you, hoping you'll see that we are meant to be. LOVE FOREVER

Caleb Nielson

touch my butt. please touch it again. touch here. there. please more. where shall I touch you? let's take turns in and out of each other. let's kiss.

The Sweet Olette!

I am so filled with joy, love and amazement that you have come into my life, you are my everything and I never want to let you go! I love you babe!


You and your cat keep stealing my heart and wooing me back. 8 years has turned into like 18 and we’re still at it. It’s LOVE, Dearest. Love!!


Global warming is real and so is my love for you. Thanks for being the nicest whitest boii alive to a little mexican girl.


You know I'm gonna do. This for you every year until we're dead right? I love you. You're awesome. Love, Bexx.


Building houses, sitting on a subway in Moscow, living in Japan, making babies: there's nothing I don't enjoy doing with you! Happy 18 years sweetie.

Sweet C

I love you more than GBCs. Maybe even more than breakfast. And you've got a purty mouth. Win Win Win! <3 Cuddle Bear


Your body is a wonderland. I think about you constantly. Sexually. And romantically. Make me the happiest man alive and move to Rome with me. -Ryan G.


Happy Valentines to my favorite kitty and soon to be non-kitty mama! I can't wait to see what Neptune has in store for his new apprentice! xo


There were two superior eels at the bottom of the tank and they recognized each other, like italics. We'll always be electric together. xo


My love, I love you now and until for ever! Your my best friend and I'm with you. I promise to clean the house more often. Love Rick

Mark Hoku

An inspected banana for your thoughts? A cigar for your heart? Scratch scratch, wake up! Let's eat some chocolate & k. Will you be my valentine? K


I love you more than I could have ever imagined possible. You are a kind and compassionate man. You are truly my soulmate! Love, Nicole


You are my moon. I know you're always there, even when the clouds block you from my view.