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Like Portland itself, the Mercury is decidedly independent. Our pages offer an insider's point of view that the city trusts. Bright, sometimes bruising, and undeniably funny, we detail local music, arts, and news with passion and authority. The Mercury is all over Portland; from restaurants to coffee houses, bars to clubs, theaters to retailers, laptops to desktops, and on every campus and street corner--we've got the city covered.

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Mercury readers are affluent urbanites in their 20s and 30s with impressive disposable incomes and an appetite for everything the city has to offer. They see more live shows and movies, eat out and shop more, and spend more time online than readers of any other paper in town. Advertising in the Mercury cuts through the clutter to target Portland's most active consumers. And now, with the Mercury's combined print and online readership, your ad will be seen by more people than ever.

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