The Sex Was Great and Then They Fell In Love...


I'm writing to you because I recently developed a problem in my relationship. The premise is that we don’t live in the same city but see at least once per month. We are but in our mid-twenties and have been together for almost two years. We love each other so much. Compatibility, stability and sharing has never been better than this.

We come to the sore points now. The sex with my boyfriend was initially very full of erotic "violence" that lasted for hours: ropes, bad words, explicit messages, and so on, In fact, at the beginning we both agreed that it would be nothing more than sex between us. But the more he fell in love the more the sex became the romantic and sweet "making love" variety. I like that kind of sex and I enjoy it and I can still come. But for me this "making love" sex should be alternated with the other kind of sex because that kind of sex incomparable for me. I've tried to hint about this to him and he seemed to understand but months months later he does not give me even a single slap.

Add to this a recent medical/aesthetic problem he is suffering from—which to me is not annoying but to him it very much is—and he does not feel sexy. So all the sexting between has now ended too. I stopped sending him my photos because I didn't see any reaction from him and he didn't ask me for more. He says that when he passes this problem he will again feel confident as before, but we do not even know when it will pass. And then the problem remains that I would sometimes like to have a good fuck without attached romance.

I feel like a selfish nymphomaniacal bitch and I can't understand how to solve this. If a man complained that his woman didn't want to do it every day, just the way he liked, or didn't send him sexy photos, he would probably be insulted and probably he’d deserved to be. Maybe I deserve to be insulted too. But if I knew that he sexually wanted a certain thing I would satisfy him without thinking!

Do I have to wait? Try to be provocative? Somehow put my soul at peace with the fact I will never again experience the exciting kind sex I most enjoy? Should I just accept the awful fact that I found an amazing clever and handsome guy who is too much in love with me to humiliate me while having sex?

Horny Guilty Girlfriend

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Multnomah County Pays $100,000 to Settle Racial Discrimination Lawsuit


Multnomah County will pay a $100,000 settlement agreement to a former employee who sued the county for racial discrimination and retaliation in January.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners approved the settlement at its Thursday morning meeting. The lawsuit was filed by Karimah Guion-Pledgure, who worked for the county since 2011 as a corrections technician with the Department of Community Justice (DJC), as the Oregonian reported.

In her lawsuit, Guion-Pledgure alleged that county employees had retaliated against her after she complained about a coworker's “Blue Lives Matter” flag in 2017. Guion-Pledgure, a Black woman, found the flag offensive. From her complaint:

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Review: Eem’s Mashup of Thai BBQ and Top-Tier Tiki Drinks Is Amazing

Aaron Lee

If there were a montage of my life as a food obsessive, there’d be snaps of my happy face alongside the roasted chicken at Coquine; cuddling the chocolate banana cream pie at Papa Haydn; locking lips with an oyster topped with uni at Nodoguro.

Also in the memory banks: me nuzzling up to a few small bites of a juicy, smoky brisket from Matt Vicedomini (Matt’s BBQ), over which Earl Ninsom (Hat Yai, PaaDee, Langbaan) poured an achingly spicy jungle curry bursting with fish sauce and galangal during Feast Portland’s 2017 Smoked event. Word spread quickly about the hot new power couple, and they soon had the longest lines at the event.

I’m not sure if that was the night Eem was conceived, but that collaboration, with the addition of my favorite bartender, Eric Nelson (Shipwreck), has birthed what’s sure to top Portland’s 2019 restaurant lists. (The name comes from the first initials of Earl, Eric, and Matt.) Most nights, the line is already snaking out the door onto North Williams before Eem even opens. It’s worth the wait.

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Good Morning, Mueller: Let's Read the Just Released Mueller Report

Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Today we all get to read the "lightly redacted" work of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Alex Wong / Getty Images

The Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and more will finally be released today.

But first: a press conference from Attorney General William Barr, happening now.

7 am:

In the press conference, Barr said the report will be delivered to members of Congress at around 8 am Pacific today and will be posted on the Justice Department's web site afterward.

He also adopted the president's language, saying that while it's clear the Russians tried to interfere in the 2016 election there was "no collusion" with the Russians on the part of the Trump campaign or any other Americans.

"President Trump faced an unprecedented situation," Barr said, adding—in case you've missed it—that Tump's been rather upset about the whole Mueller thing. “Yet, as he said from the beginning, there was in fact no collusion,” Barr declared.

Wait for it... Oh wait, it's already there:

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Good Morning, News: It's Mueller Time, Democrats Heart Fox News, and Prison Continues to Be Hell

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Uh, yeah, weve got some questions.
Uh, yeah, we've got some questions. Win McNamee / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Take one last bite of $2 pizza and get to scrolling, because...

Here are the headlines!

The Most Important Book Report: Today is the frickin' day, you guys: The day the Mueller report is released! Attorney General William Barr, a major Who with Them tendencies, is telling reporters there's nothing to see here, but keep in mind that nobody's had time to read the entire report yet. Follow along with NPR here.

Dumb Like a Fox: There's a hot new trend among Democratic 2020 hopefuls: appearing on Fox News. "But why, though?" you ask. "Because... both sides," I answer knowingly.

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What Can Louisiana Teach Oregonians About Banning Split-Jury Convictions?


When recent Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jim Mustian visited Portland for a story last year, the issue of split-jury convictions wasn’t on most Oregonians’ radar.

Mustian was reporting for Louisiana daily newspaper The Advocate about an unusual distinction Louisiana and Oregon shared at the time: They were the only two states in the country where a person can be convicted of criminal charges without a unanimous jury decision. That isn’t the case anymore in Louisiana, which voted to overturn its split-jury law in the 2018 election. But it in Oregon, it’s still possible to go to prison as the result of a 10-2 jury vote.

Portlanders were shocked when Mustian told them why he was in town.

“I can’t tell you how many Uber drivers or people in bars, I would strike up a conversation with them,” Mustian told the Mercury. “I would tell people the reason I was there, and their jaw would drop.”

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Portland Detective Who Shared Sexual Abuse Victim's Text Messages Costs City $50,000

Jane_Kelly / Getty Images

Portland City Council has approved a $50,000 settlement agreement with a former Washington County deputy who’s accused a city employee of violating her privacy in a sexual discrimination case.

Commissioners opted to pay off the deputy instead of getting involved in a trial by jury, a case that city attorneys say the city could lose.

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Aretha Franklin’s Belated Amazing Grace May Be the Greatest Movie About Gospel Music Ever Made

In January 1972, Aretha Franklin joined forces with the Reverend James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir to make Amazing Grace, a double live album recorded during two church services at the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. A documentary crew, led by director Sydney Pollack, was present at the time, but technical problems prevented the Amazing Grace film from being completed—they were unable to use a clapperboard during the actual live performance, so the film’s audio and picture were never able to be synchronized effectively. Not until more modern technology was developed could the film be completed. Producer Alan Elliott finished Amazing Grace after Pollack’s death in 2008, but Franklin, somewhat bizarrely, didn’t want the film ever to be seen. After her death last year, Franklin's family gave permission for it to be released, allowing other people to witness these two extraordinary nights.

Even at a remove of 47 years, and even with Franklin's Amazing Grace album firmly established as a familiar classic in the canon of recorded music, the movie is a staggering thing to behold. It is probably the greatest filmed document of American gospel music that has ever been captured, and it deserves to be seen somewhere with a good sound system; luckily for Portlanders, the movie is currently playing at Cinema 21, and will extend to the Hollywood Theatre beginning on Friday.

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Dallas' New District Attorney Is Addressing the Cannabis Mess in Texas

Rex_Wholster/Getty Images
Getting busted for weed in Dallas is nothing to fuck with. I speak from experience, having family there that I visit while being very aware that my cannabis activities could easily result in seriously unpleasant dealings with Texas law enforcement. But a recent announcement from the Dallas County District Attorney may change that, and his reasoning demonstrates insightful thinking on the subject of how cannabis arrests affect not only the offender, but the community at large as well.

High Times reports that John Creuzot, the recently elected Dallas County DA, has announced that his office will no longer continue prosecution of small first time cannabis related misdemeanors.

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JaiBranBowl Awaits: The Five Best Jaime / Bran Stare Memes


Game of Thrones gives us a lot to "internet around" with. From Jonerys (the couple name of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen) to the hotly-hyped, impending Cleganebowl, viewers catch moments and riff on them into abstraction. The closing scene of Sunday's "Winterfell" episode featured an intense cross-courtyard stare between Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), the boy he threw out a window in the show's first episode, when Bran was ten years old. Time is pretty weird on this show so now Bran is fifteeeeeen?

I will now be calling this impending conflict JaiBranBowl. Many good citizens of social media, memed the moment, and since I'm always online, I have collected the five best JaiBranBowl memes for you to enjoy. Here they are in VERY INTENTIONAL order:

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Blazers Recap: Blazers Vanquish Thunder in Heated Game 2

Bruce Ely/

The Moda Center rocked hard on Tuesday night as the Blazers captured game two of their seven game first-round playoff series with fierce rivals OKC. The Blazers now hold a commanding 2-0 lead, with the next two games to be played in Oklahoma City. CJ McCollum led all scorers with a blistering 33 points and Damian Lillard was fantastic, with 29 points of his own. The Blazers defense flummoxed OKC stars Paul George and Russell Westbrook all night long. The game stayed close until the final minutes of the third quarter when the Blazers blew things open and then coasted to a raucous 114-94 victory.

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Good Morning, News: Trump's Veto, Barr's Mueller Report, and ALERT! We Have Beyoncé News!

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Move over Mueller report! Beyoncé has some news!
Move over Mueller report! Beyoncé has some news! Kevin Williams / Getty News

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Remember when the circus came to town? How you were frightened by the clown? LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Despite passing the House and being approved by the Senate, Trump went ahead and vetoed a resolution that would end US participation in Yemen's civil war. “This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future,” Trump said in a statement that he clearly did not write.

Reminder (not that you needed it) that AG William Barr will release the redacted Mueller report TOMORROW, at which point we'll learn exactly how much Barr is covering up for our corrupt president.

Democrats plan on issuing a subpoena as soon as Friday to get Mueller's full report with no redactions—because they rightly do not trust Barr in the least.

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TriMet Introduces Portland's First Electric Bus


TriMet has started operating its first completely electric bus, marking a major step forward in the transit agency’s push to have a full non-diesel bus fleet by 2040.

Officials from TriMet and Portland General Electric (PGE) unveiled the two electric buses, or "e-buses," Tuesday morning outside TriMet’s operating facility in Beaverton. PGE will provide wind energy for the buses, which will be the country's first completely wind-powered public buses.

Humans applauding for an electric bus, AKA the future.
Humans applauding for an electric bus, AKA the future. BLAIR STENVICK

The location was fitting, as the first TriMet e-bus in operation is serving Line 62, which connects the Sunset Transit Center to the Washington Square Transit Center (two Washington County locales). TriMet plans to add four more e-buses to its operational fleet this year. The total cost of the five new buses is $3.5 million.

“Every electric bus means no diesel pollution in our air,” said Meredith Connolly, director of the nonprofit Oregon Climate Solutions, at the unveiling. “That’s how we make change for the better.”

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Some Letters Don't Require a Response (But She Got One Anyway)

I have been with my boyfriend for three years come September. This feels massively pathetic writing this, but we were insanely happy for the first six months of that relationship.

We have sort of a complicated beginning, as he pined after me for a long time before I gave him a chance. While I should have taken this in and of itself as a red flag (if I didn't want to be with him for the six months before we started dating, then why did I deem it appropriate to give him a chance?), I'm a weak and naive human being. And he gave me my first-ever orgasm from a man.

Sine then, obviously, things have become much, much more complicated. On paper, he sounds like an amazing individual. He loves to cook, great taste in music, hard worker, good lucking, athletic, blah blah blah. However, the individual I've come to know is nightmarish in a relationship. He is incredibly possessive (tells me any time a man is looking at me), nosy (constantly stealing my phone), aggressive when fighting (makes personal attacks, brings up my family), doesn't let "resolved" fights die (always brings them up) and has called me a "fucking bitch" and "cunt" five times within the past two weeks.

Wait... I don't know why I'm sending this. I just realized that any question that could follow this surveying what to do would be ludicrous. I've made up my mind, thanks for (maybe?) reading.

Never Mind

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Kickstand Comedy Launches a Kickstarter to Renovate the Former Brody Theater


Our current issue has a piece on Kickstand Comedy, the improv comedy theater that started in the basement of the now-defunct Velo Cult in 2014, lived above the Siren Theatre for several years, and, at the end of February, took over the former Brody Theater location. At the end of that piece, we teased a Kickstarter campaign to fund renovations to the space. And now that campaign is live!

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