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You can ALWAYS climb my tree. Love, Your Tiny Mexican

Auden's namesake

I'll go through my Mercury backissues for you. Especially the Valentines ones... There have been so many!


Every day is a winding road, your body is a wonderland. You make me feel like a natural woman. Xoxo

Cleatus Handsomebuns

Moist loins, nipple tweaks Valentine hershey hole nibbles You complete me


You are my best friend, my teammate, my sexual desire, my partner and I love you with everything I have.


Spicy Pepper, what can I say? You stole my heart in those woods, and showed me real love. Thank you for the last five years and here's to five more.


My carrot. I treated you like that before we dated too. You were my best friend. That was the pedestal I put you on. I'm yours. Always,forever-Bunny


You three are the lights of my life, and the laugh in my soul. I will adore you forever.


To the sweetest wifee in the couv. I love you even though you moved us to the couv. Love James.


Still laughin,fuckin&lovin as well as we always have.Goddamn r we lucky!Here's 2 our adventures, new&old. P.S. u fill my <3 like ur farts fill a room

Dr. Goat

You are the best thing I am so lucky and proud to call you my person. I cannot wait to see what our future holds. Love you to the moon, bug! #beepbeep

Cee Weebz

My beautiful Christine. Here is another one of my love-texts but in analog form. I'm always here for you, for hugs, for memes, for life. I love you.


You are an amazing, strong, smart, sexy, and loving partner. I cannot describe how lucky I feel to have your presence in my life! Love you boo <3


12 years ago this week, we got on a plane from Prague to try our luck as grownups in Portland... to dreams dreamt and lived, side by side by side- JKk

Alice G.

i dig yr scene. the devops talk gets me hot. we work in the same building. but i'm too shy to say hello. happy v-day!

clarissa @ subway

you are beautiful. i love you.


My honeybear, little brown bean, little bird, lemon squeezy, sunflower, moonchild. Love your Crystal Bear.


I love the you so much and can't believe that we met in Monterey! You support me, make my dreams come true, and you are my sexy mamasita!


When I talk about you, I fall in love with you all over again


Dancer.Radical.Epic.Sexy.Dope.Eloquent.Nasty. DRESDEN. I had to throw a snake at you boo. You inspire me and I looove you. Queen B.


You've warmed my cold black heart & I'm not letting go now. Here's to 2nd chances, doing it right & lots more Rainiers. Love u 2day & everyday. xx MBB


You're the greatest. I love you so much. XOXOXO. A

my hypochondriZach

Thank you for still lovin on me even though I queefed on you. Cheers to another year! Lurve, Tara 💋

Delay Fish

Thanks for putting up with Mom- even when she's ragging all over the place and calling you an asshole for no reason. #hormones Love, Lily Pad

Linda Kaye

I Love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love boo

Mr. Ups Man

I love the way you handle your packages, we should get married. I love you so much. Happy second valentines day! Love, your unicorn

Boo Bear

To me your balls are perfect. I love you sooo much. Love your Spooky Pookie.

Julie Bug

Sorry for being such a shithead. I won't ever be one ever again. I admire and love you.

Marine Jeans

Replacers forever. I love you so hard. Prince Brandywine


You're the OJ to my mimosa, The belay device to my rope, And the Gallagher to my Fiona. I love you!


I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you so much!


You're a real hunk with all the right moves. You've got a heart of gold and the finest bod I've ever seen. Thanks for the high-quality romance! XO MJ


FACT:the smell of female(& of your gumbo)makes me feel like the most exalted potentate of love.TATSACHE:Ich liebe dich,sogar in Abwesenheit von Gumbo.


I adore you, Smaller Spoon. Why? Loving soul. Tender insides. Service to justice. Intelligence. Ingenuity. Fem-y masculinity. Sexy AF hybrid body.

Steph, Lucie, & Cleo

I love you more than Peanut loves balls. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Scott/Dad


Thirty-seven years, thousands of miles by bike and hike, one grand adventure. Thanks for being my everlasting love. -D


Backrub after fucking backrub! Footrubs and hand massages and shit! Sheesh! All worth it though. I love you.

Mr. Nap Naps

I cant believe you've put up with me for this long.


Happy 3 years my love!! From THE snow storm that set things in motion to the last one we got to enjoy in our very own home together....❤❤❤❤.


Love has found it's way.


I love you like a fat kid loves cake. Here is a combo Happy Valentine's Day and annivesary, babe. One more for the books!

Ozma Ora

I love you too the moon and back. You are my everything no matter what that looks like too anyone else. Love and light baby.

Mainer Amy

Happy Valentine's Day! Please share with Cota.


Happy Valentine's Day, ya little cute butt!! Thanks for being the artist in my life, thanks for loving me as much as rain. Xo always, Jash

Ole S. Fury

U stole my heart with Tombstone & whisky. My how we like to get frisky. With our sex wounds and stolen work kisses, this day will be better than xmas


Let's stay together until Pesach. BTW--you're queer. Love your life partner


Thanks for being the Mulder to my Scully. Through it all. My best friend. I love you. Love JESS.


New city, new life, new experiences! I didn't leave our address for the laundry gnome, but he managed to find you. I love you and your face!


your the peaches to my cream, thanks for being my best friend and lover. xxox


I can't imagine what kind of monster I would be without you in my life. I love you! Lenny


Thank you for having one baby and cookin' up number 2. I love you and thoroughly enjoyed making them. Rock Chalk


It all began in a truck at the river...1.5 years later here we r. Overwhelmed under u, ecstatic above u. Keep being my Papa n I'll be ur Baby Doll <3


I can't wait for naked fun with you. I love you so much!


Thanks for always taking care of my ass and letting me sleep in also. And thank you for being an amazing father to Frank, our cat. Hirsute Pursuit.


You're the Mulder to my Scully!


Let's dance on the moon, mi amor... and then eat pizza! Love, A.


Everyday I am thankful that you are in my life! My sweet Buttery Jack packing that wallop of love dollops! Love you so much!! Beep. Beep.

Mindy A

Not a dumpling day in this life without you around.


...with the dapper hat and the great smile. I'm glad we had the conversation no matter how it ended. Love, n

Nic with no K,

I never thought I could love a person who insists on parking in the spot furthest from the door everywhere we go, but here we are.


I'm just putting this here to make your boyfriend jealous Sincerely, some local studmuffin. Happy Valentinez! <3


We are wed, I'm not blue, Bustelo is sweet, and so are you!


I knew you were my partner in crime por vida when we took the leap on Leap Day! I love you my kick ass husband / awesome father to our hooligans <3


Happy birthday you crazy dog! I love you and am so happy you're part of my life. To many more years of mutual love.


I promise no "farm" hotels in 2017. Thanks for saving that weekend with the water view. #italianfood #bikeride This is the year of Taco Tuesdays!


We love you even though your gooby ways make it hard sometimes. Our days of homemade ravioli may be behind us for now, but family time is so happy. <3


You my ladybearpig


Donald Trump is nuts


You dumb. - Tall Guy

Donald Trump

You are nuts


You're always there for me, challenging me, keeping me warm, and giving me a reason to stay in Portland. You changed my life and for this I love you!


I've been waiting all night. I love time traveling with you. You light me up. Let's do ALL THE THINGS together. My heart is yours, always.


As time goes by I appreciate you more and more. When I see you my heart melts, and when I hold you I burst into flames. I heart you, hot stuff <3 <3


Thanks for being both my boyfriend and best friend, and supporting me in everything. You are kind, funny (in a good way) and smart. I love you. -N

My 1 & Only Martin

Year 2! Deliver your love note directly to my femail box. Don't need a fortune cookie to know where we'll be in 3 months: 2ge+her. Always, your 1true


I completely adore you and think you're fuckin smoking hot. I'm super glad I get to sleep naked next to you each night. LOVE YOU, BB!!

Bren Bren

I'm in love with you. To the moon and back. I also think you have an amazing butt.


11 years ago we celebrated our first Valentine's Day together! I love you more than anything, here's to another amazing 11 years. Love always, Shanny


This bad woman adores you, wife.You touch my heart in ways no has or ever will. I married the best stranger in this crazy universe. Love you babyyyy.


I love you so much. Here is to more cats, a new home, and tons of furniture shopping in our future. I love you! Enjoy the blender. -Dave


Te amo mi amor!!! You make everyday feel like heaven...I love you so much. I'm so happy to be your girl and share my life with you. Beso beso


I guess you're not so bad... -Jill


It all started in a twin bed in that one room apt. Look how far we've come. To seven more years of friendship, I raise this Jagerbomb to you. Cheers!


Thank u for ending my loneliness Ur my best friend and best bf Ive ever had I hope I can be the same for u Im so excited to see what our future holds


You're a doll and I love you. Be my valentine!

Uncle Caserole

You make me laugh super hard, and I like making you super hard. Being friends with you was way fun, and this is WAY better. Love, your chica


To my brilliant, beautiful, breathtaking babe: you're, like, way better than that post-Master Cleanse frozen pizza. XOXO, A


Honestly, you are do damn sexy that it pains me in all kinds of good places. Thanks for that!


You're my favorite thing in the world. Thanks for being my bff. Your mom is cool, mine is better. Anyway...HAPPY LOVE DAY, LOVER! Love, Silvia


Thirty years of wild rides and beautiful sunsets all because you have been by my side. I Love you more every day. Lets get lost together.


Thx 4 being the best Panburger Partner ever.


You are nice.


I am so lucky to wake up next to you, I appreciate you, you've become my best friend, I can't imagine life without you, thank you for loving me. XOXOX

Prince ding dong

A haiku: You are my best friend I love you more everyday P.s. Still vegan


This last year has been a crazy bitch. We made it, and you even asked me to be your wife. You are special like a snowflake. I love your guts! Love Dom

Kelly H.

You continue to make me the happiest gal this side of the Mississippi. Thank you for everything you do and for all that you are! Love J and Orange


You make my heart smile and you are a rock star in the sheets!!!! Here's to 18 years and counting my Valentine! Love forever and ever, Coco


I love you more than I love oysters and we both know that means a lot. You're my sun and stars. -Phoebe


Happy Valentine's to my forever honey


You are my heavenly angel. I am so happy to have spent the last 13 years cleaning up your poops and vomit. Here's to 13 more. Momma halla