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Big Tipsy

You hit a home run straight to my heart!


You're the handsomest and bestest boy ever!


Looking to get hot? You can light a fire in my sheets anytime.


I can't wait to meet you, but only I know when! It's very comfy in here after all. Love, baby Frankie


Cum give your valentine that juicy bear sausage .... all my love


I love you more everyday. I’m so excited about RTT with you and our wild & crazy kids! Dreaming of a romantic getaway with you…clothing optional. ;-)


The bathroom wall says ‘I still love you’, so I must. Bathroom walls don’t lie.


I like you and I love you, anything and everything for you and for us.


I love it when you’re near, and when hate you’re far. You probably think this is from Ryan, but I regret to inform you that it is Jafar. ❤️


You are my heart, I love you a hundred doodle. I can’t wait to see what adventures we have in store for us this year! Maybe even a date…by ourselves

Hot bear

My fifth paw loves you more and more every day. Let’s go back to the den and hibernate!


Anything I can do, I will. Always 🖤 P.S. You're so foxy?? Someone should make a mug about that...


Pour tous jours.


You are my beautiful lotus flower. I love you. Love your Snuggle Bear.

Chris of the bru cru

We completed our family this year, and there is no one else I would rather be on this journey with. The kids and I love you so much.


I love it when you’re near, and hate when you’re far. You probably think this is from Ryan, but we regret to inform you that it is Jafar. ❤️

L and T

In all the world there is no greater love than that which I have for you both. What a wild ride we’ve had. Stronger together. The 3 amigos. My 4eva’s.

gangsta boogie

love u lots even when we turn into zombies!


I couldn’t imagine the last 20 years without you. Thank you for making me feel special :) I f’ing love you so much!! 🐈 -Robert


You are chaotic with your 9am charcuterie boards and Whiplash soundtrack dinners but I love you, you know? It’s crazy out there.


Hi my love. You are a very special boy and I really really love you.


We love you so much monkey

Major league gamer

I love you very much. I am so grateful to have spent +8 years with you.


My love for you is never ending. My heart aches for you. Give us another try. All my love. Forever. I want you. With love & hope, Your Little Tomato.


We wish everyone had a Mochi. But as there is just one of you, we're glad you picked us.

The Has

Thanks for playing house with me, and helping create this huge crazy crew. We all love you more than words can say. Love and kisses -Kelsey


I love you son. You survived three houses move, and breakup of the Prescott Boyz. Thank for being strong.


Thank you for being my partner, husband, & best friend. I am so grateful to have you by my side & in my heart. You make it all worth it. I love you!

Little Babe

I love you so damn much! You are a ray of sunshine and you make everything wonderful. Happy Valentines Day from your Hubby and Winnie.


I love you so much! Let’s listen to records & drink wine. Love, wifey


After three years of loving you, (two of which have been through the pandemic) I must say that it keeps getting easier! I love you so much, byehb!

My Marguerite

Your jokes, jams and head to toe leopard print quarantine looks keep me going. When I Say I’m In Love, you best believe i mean love Love, L-U-V!

Swt Miss

The village may think I'm crazy, say that I drift too far. Once you know what you like well there you are. Each part of your coconut is all I need.


You're the love of my life, even if you fart all the time!!

Mantis Shrimp Squad

You've been a bright light in this hellscape that we've been surviving in together. Forever grateful for our friendship—and tasty snacks.


What a journey the last 2 years have been! So many changes and ups/downs I am so grateful to have you by my side no matter what! Love you to the moon


Sugar, Puck, Juno and I all want to wish the world’s greatest woman a spectacular Valentines Day


Sugar, Puck, Juno and I all want to wish the world’s greatest woman a spectacular Valentines Day

Miss Poops

Oooh Miss Poops! Oooh Miss Poops! Gimme gimme gimme gimme Gimme up some loves. Gimme gimme gimme gimme Gimme up them rubs! Oh yeah. - mister toots


Happy Valentine's Day. I will love you beyond the implosion of our universe. XOXOXO, Bumbumbum

Step On Me

Happy Valentines Day My Love! This year will be filled with so much joy and gratitude and I have you to thank for that. I love you more everyday -Me


You are my favorite manny, you keep me sanny and I love how you slap my love


Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove. Love Laura

Snuggle Bear

I adore every part of you. Thank you for being my forever Valentine. ❤️ Love, Lotus Blossom

Portland BW

Trunks, Char, Tesla--Three of my most important people. Thanks for the past ~decade of friendship. Love y'all very much. - Onion


My sole mate: It’s no sea-cret that I’ve been hooked on you since we started this roe-mance. No trout about it, you’re shrimply the best catch. ❤️ B


Sweet and spicy, hot and satiating: you'll always be the dessert I choose. Love, Jennycakes

Neil the real deal

2021 was unkind to us. We made it thru. No more leaving the house. Let’s hang at our lil oasis. A/C & awning are next, mayb outdoor bar. Yokos 2nite?

Sweet thaaaaang

A whole lot of good things on the horizon, and I couldn’t be luckier to experience them with you. Shawty, you da you da best.


10 years and I still want your honey on my bun-bun cakes. Loves you always. Adore you forever.


Love you babes! Thanks for being our rock around the madhouse! Xoxo


Roses are red,tulips are black. You are fantastic,and not just in the sack!


It's no mystery why Peggy and Louis love you more. Your love and kindness and love still amaze me after 19 years. Love, Len


..and love, and love, and love... Len


I have loved your tail-less monkey-butt for 28 years with no intention of stopping. Will you be my stinky lil' monkey till the end of the world? XO


You are the best husband and #1 rad dad! Forever grateful for you and for us. Happy 8th Valentines day. Love you the most.


All we need is love, good IPAs, cheese and lots of post-Covid time in Dutchland! Jij bent mijn favoriete reisgenoot! Let's go...Smack, Pat de Kat


Every year I’m more astounded by what we achieve together. I know how lucky I am that you Root with me, Grow with me, Bloom with me. To SO MUCH MORE.


Baby Love, you’re my everything. Thank you for everything you do for us. Ur like the best toy in the world, ya just wanna keep playing. XO Buggles


Te amo tantisimo, ayer, hoy y mañana!

Gem (aka big G)

You: I don't have sex on the 1st date. Me: OK. You: Let's move to my bed, it's more comfy 😆 Best broken rule ever! Madly like & love you, Keeper


After a year of pondering your hand written love note, I have finally come to realize that you were always the Paula Abdul and I was the cartoon cat…


No butts about it, you get me and all of my quirks hot and bothered on command. Keep loving me like you do and I'm yours forever and ever.


Roses are white,violets are blue Maurice loves you,and I kinda do too XOXO



My Sweet Joslyn

Happy V Day, sweetie! Thank you for rubbing my back as I fall asleep. Thank you for being gentle & kind. I love your handsome face and your sexy bod!


I’ll love you until you die first! Love, Nubbin


You make my liver quiver darling! Happy Valentine Day!

Valgis Pharmacy

You are the pear of my eye, my purple nurple king, a wonderful fartist (just one), a raging eggplant enthusiast, and the sweetest love <3 I love you.


I hope our paths cross again someday even if it means getting skunked in cribbage.


You make my liver quiver darling! Happy Valentine Day!



Chuckie Cheesie

Even through the pandemic, you are the cheese holding it all together. And the best cat dad! I love you!


I blep you so hard my little deer fern. <3


I love you forever and always!! Thanks for forming the Buttz Club with me.

Christina M B-P

Love you more!


20 years and counting as your french fry and couldn't be happier! I love you

Big head miw

Love you baby!!!!!!!!

Bud Clark

Thank you for riding a bike and exposing yourself to art. May we all be inspired. When my best friend (Aaron Ross) died we quaffed at Goose Hollow.

Big head miw

Love you baby!!!!!!!!


I wish we could re-meet again so we could do it all over. I miss your lips on my lips and your chest on my chest.

Stranger Date ;)

Who could've imagined that a phone number at 3am at the Bear Paw could have turned into us? I am more than smitten and excited 4 more! pc+mfs=sex'd up

John My Honeyman

These are Beautiful Nights for Full Moon Dances - Come Dance with me in the Warm Ocean Moon Light! Aloha with Love, Your Honey Woman

CH - Prosciutto

We might be too gay for Mario and Luigi, but you can still be the Uranus to my Neptune. ~Sapphic Power~ Love, Pepperoncini


You are such a good daddy to K&L, and I guess I still do have time to do these! Do you think our babies would appreciate Valentines Wagyu? Love you


You’re simply the best platonic wifey this side of the Mississippi. You’re a tough one, Miss Cookie <3 To many more West Coast adventures together!


Loving you feels like my heart is at the best party in the world every single day, and I still want to be heart dancing with you when I’m 80 🤟❤️


I. Still. Stop. And. Stare. Every time you do damn near anything. Ugh. You are so pretty.

Bernie and Jules


Bernie and Jules



Please forgive me for failing you. I beg you to let me be in your life. I am a mess, I may never find love because I’ve been alone so long. Forgive


Me has flechado el alma, corrompido mis sentidos y embriagado de tu amor. Vamos por buen camino. Will you be my forever valentine?


Sharing my life with you is the best decision I've made. Thank you for loving and supporting me. You truly are my sweetheart!


You make me so happy. I'm Mothra to your Godzilla. Lets destroy Osaka together then grab some sushi. Heart you babe, L Butt

My MoMo

You make me believe in luck. All the best things in life are better with you! xoxo, Sparky


I love you more than Penelope loves yowling in your face at 5am. Love, Claire

Sex witch

I love you mind, booty, and soul. Your love is one in a million. I’m so glad you chose me, baby. And I’ll make you so happy. Let’s rock the boat.


Can't wait to marry you this summer! I love you and I am so excited to continue our beautiful life and celebrate this next step.

Hot Sauce,

Another happy year with you love. Keep it up Triple G. Watch the shadows ;)


You stole my heart with one kiss. You said I looked 23 and I’ll always cling to that. Love you dookie bear!!