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You are my perfect match, I can't believe that I found you, still, and I want the world to know how deeply in love with you I am! I love you boo!!!


Love you now and forever! Fluffy Bunny


We need a vacation!..Me..You..and that’s it. Sorry, dogs n kidz. Olive juice, and I can’t wait to spend a little time with my wonderful wife

Buster Xcalius

If I can't have you, I don't want nobody baby. If I can't have you, oh oh oh oh. I love you! We need a babysitter, know of any? Forever, Shi-Booboo


I love you son! I'm grateful you're in my life. Bill and Michael love you. Please don't poop in the house. I know you poop with love.


Happy Valentine's day. Sorry the jacket sucked. I heart you and I miss you. Xoxo -T


Thanks for helping us stay groovy. We can't wait to see what you have planned for us next. #buslife4life


Love you. Thank you for moving here just in time to get locked down. I wouldn't have been able to make it through this pandemic w/out you. Love, Wifey


Still thinking of you, boo...


If I didn’t have you I’d yell “Why Sug, why?” towards the sky, thanks for being mine baby. Love, Em xox


is your name wifi? because we sense a connection. we love you so much, splinter baby. xxxooo, beast and mom and scyl-scyl.


Stay safe and be wild. Run with your pack. I'll love you. From this little nest. —Mouse


My one and only hula girl, you make the gray rain a poi paradise. I'll build you a bridge to Hawaii and meet you at the world's best food court.


I love you more than Penelope loves sticking her whole head under the faucet. Love, Claire

Big Eyes

Thank you for all of your difficult work this year. You inspire me and our girls everyday. We love you and are excited about the future. Kisses!


I have asked several times for your butt to quit but it refuses. I have asked its secret, what it holds inside. All I get in response is pbbbrrrrt.


You don’t have a permit for that butt and I’ve notified the authorities. Please come out with your buns in the air.


Woke up this morning remembering sitting across from you at Nobby's, exchanging life stories. My world changed from that night on. Miss you, Squints.


Happy valentines my deer, I don’t know what I’d do without you! V grateful you still love me after 11 months cooped up together <3

Portland Mercury

You're sexy 🎃


Hi my love, another year another Mercury Valentines Day Surprise. I love you. Sometimes not on Tuesdays though.


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, guess you already know I love you.


Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s no other daughter, As lovable as you!


You’re the sweetest thing that’s ever come into my life. Sending you all my love this Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie. Hope your day is full of magic, joy, and most of all, love.

Fuzzy Buns

Love of my life, how did I get so fortunate to have such an amazing (super hot) husband? Know that I am unquestionably, forever yours.

Jennifer Louise


Lee Lee

Roses are red, I call you Mikey. Your big fat hog, Is something I likey. Happy Valentine’s Day babe. I love you. -Claire



Just Call Saul

Roses are red, violets are blue, after 35 years, our love is still true. XXXOOO Your Old Lady


You have brightened my world in every way. We live in our own little world, bound by luck and light. Happy Valentines Day, sweet angel! Missing you.

Tommy Boy

What a year! Who know we’d be living together and all because of COVID. Just like COVID, some days you make me sick but in the end, I love you!

S House

You’re the best! Through thick and thin you are there for me. I LOVE YOU so much...please let’s move to MX for a few months. ;)

Meat cannon

Merry VDay. May we never stop having violent foosball matches. I love you so much xoxo


Meow Meow to the best cat daddy a cat mama could ever want. Squid and butter together forever and we can share the sandwich. Love Pickle


Will you be my Valentine? Job start date: Today. Duration: Unknown/Indefinite. Duties: Lots and Lots of Copulation, in Many Many Forms and Positions.


I love you doll face luscious buns. Thanks for keeping it real for the last decade plus. Cant wait to smack that booty for the next fitty. XOXO


Wow I love you very much! I can’t believe this are 7th Valentine’s Day together. You are fantastic, wonderful and very hot - bean

Steven Thomas

No matter how many times or ways we say "I love you," I will never get tired of saying it, hearing it, earning it, knowing it. Happy Valentine's Day!


Hey kitty girl! You'll be 17 soon! Here's to 17 years of me being your servant. Wouldn't take it back. Love you so much. Toot toot! Love Halla


Happy Birthday RiRi BoBo/Lizard Man/Fish Butt! You're already a good boy! We can't wait to watch you grow up to become the best boy! Love Mommy & Papi


I have thoroughly enjoyed our contractual union the past 12 years, as well as our prior cohabitation. Best wishes for the future. Sincerely, Morgan


To the best damn partner a lady could ask for, I'm smitten w/you & I seriously couldn't have had a better person to go through the last year with XOXO


What a year! We made it to 10 years together and we're both still alive...barely! I love you and our little family with our stinky boys. I love you!!!


Let's never stop teaching improv in the Helium parking lot, fraulein. You're the best human I know xo


Rose are Red Violets are Blue By now you must know I love you.


I adore you and our wonderful little life together. Happy Valentine's Day!

Jeremy S

Happy pandemic Valentine's Day. I love you so much. Thank you for all you do. I can't wait until we can take a real vacation. Love, Mindy


IIII LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEEE UUUUUU, like a sound of pots & pans , banging together all night LONG B4 U work a double shift HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! :)

Sweet T

Whatever this is and whatever it becomes, I am already a better person for knowing you, too. To kismet, aligned parenting schedules and Chani charts.


Your wit is unmatched and you're handsome to boot; Goose and I are so lucky to have found someone so wonderful, sweet, loving, and cute.

Ditch Witch

Have I told you lately how incredibly happy you make me?


You are 20% less gassy then last year, good job. Love, Same


I love your gassy Aries ass more than I love any other ass. I wish we could be in SF again this year, but I'd spend my love day anywhere with you. xxo


My love for you grows and grows with every passing day. You are my one and only, the love of my life.


You are the raccoon living in the attic of my heart, but you are not a pest and I won't remove you. Get cozy up there. Lots of love!


Thank you for the last 22 years. Love you so very much, thanks for making me the luckiest woman in the world ❤

Ramen Mom

Duty, diligence and love sums it up. You are amazing and have grown so much. I love you more each day. U R my badass Stevie Nicks goth witch!


How do I love U Let me count the ways You’re my sunshine on cloudy days You’re my blue sky on endless days of gray You’re my shmoopie always everyday!


you give the best hugs / your rat tail rocks / i'm so glad you're my lover (may I borrow some socks?) <3 <3 XOXO - Becky

Mi Amore

You are my moon and I am the luckiest man on earth to fall asleep and wake up next to you every night and day. I love you forever and always. Mike


Thanks for being the silly, adventure-going, goose-loving mental gymnast of my dreams. I like you and should keep sleeping in my bed. With love, Bud


I never imagined that a love like ours could exist. Gratefully surprised everyday by you and us. ~V


We're sexy truckers barreling across a pandemic wasteland, screaming kids in the back, nazis at our heels. Good thing we're in this for the LONG HAUL.


Remember when you wrote me one of these for our first v-day? Lol, that relationship was a dumpster fire, but this friendship sure fucking rocks. -Irv

Karlita (Peso)

Fuck Yes, my Lovergirl! May we love with reckless abandon, for all time, and never look back I'm your Clyde & you're my Maude we've already won


Keep the faith! We will go again soon to Beemsterland, spend our days on our fietsen and love each other... I see many tender moments ahead - foofster


This past year has been crazy, but it only makes me feel closer to you. You are truly my very own Mr. Maitland. Happy lucky number 7 Valentine’s Day.

Lamb Head

After 10 fun years together, I still adore your giggles, hugs and loves. Happy Valentines Day, Princess Queen!


You're my forever Valentine! Thank you for always making me feel beautiful & cherished. You're my best friend & biggest fan. My butterflies are alive!

Robbie Miracle

I love the life we've built together. You're better than anyone I could have imagined, and everyone who has ever existed (including Keanu Reeves).


I miss those nights and mornings with you. I know we can share that again. We’ve both grown. Love forever. Your Lil’ Tomato


You are my best friend and we are each other's people. Missing you. Wishing you would be my Valentine. Love you so very much!


My love for you knows no bounds. I only wish to destroy your enemies and drive them to grovel at your feet. Please imbue me with the strength I need!!


Without you, I’d still be taking the bus. Happy V-Day! Hunnn-iiiiii!!!


So smart and so sexy, this independent woman. My poetry is awful, and I'm glad I'm yo' man. Love love love -Ryan


Happy VDay to the finest woman in the world. How are you so sexy doing every little thing? I love how you make everything better just by being you- G


A haiku: It’s Star Trek in here I know you’re comfortable And you’re with me here

Lo and T

To the biggest loves of my life, you are my everything. Today and always. You both are my sun, moon and twinkly stars.

Gangsta Boogie

You're the best person in the world! Love you forever!


Love you more than you could ever imagine Love Love love You


You are simply the best. I won better than the lottery by falling in love with you. I love you to infinity and beyond, love from your star baker.

Charly and Allyson,

Happy Valentine’s Day, newlyweds. Hope this year is filled with wedded bliss.


SKRRRRRRRRRRT. That’s the sound your ass is gonna make on it’s way to the bed. Bring your jazzy elevator music <3


You are the loveliest boopie and I love you so so much. Thanks for being my naked snuggle buddy and my best friend. Love, your boopie

Hagen and Anna,

Happy Valentine’s, ya’ll. Hope 2021 is filled with love and some sleep. Lennox, Happy Valentine’s, baby. Can’t wait to suck your cheeks!


I love you so much and I'm so proud of you. I can't wait for you to be a dad because you're going to be amazing at that too!

Amanda Jo

Love you sweet sweets! There isn't anyone I'd rather be quarantined with, thanks for being so wonderful! XOXO Chachi


43 years of marriage and 11 months of COVID lockdown. I couldn't do it with anyone else. Sure glad you're so patient. I love you lots & lots. C


I love booping with you so much! I wish we could just lie around and boop all day. Love, Boopie


Oh how It feels like just yesterday we were in Hawaii celebrating our honeymoon. After all these’re still my número uno. Love, Your Lainey


Roses are flowers Flowers can be blue I don’t know if flowers can experience love But you’re not a flower so I hope you love me too


Miss you often and love you always ❤

Ryan Wmore

You are my #1 obsession and I will always love you. -The Chickens I love you too Ryan, but they made me write that first. Love always Crystal S


Snuggles all the time / your fourth Valentine is here / thanks for being mine


Thanks for always making me smile and for filling our home with songs about cats. There is no one I'd rather have on my quaranteam. Love you!


Golden eyes. Curly tail. Eye crinkles. Open heart. Wise soul. Beautiful mind. Perfect hands. Perfect pheromones. All matched perfectly to my soul.


You're [still] my favorite <3 B


I pulled a tarot card for inspiration and No joke, I got "The Lovers" I know that you would love such witchy serendipity, My switchy witchblade bae.


When in a rut, you DM a shapely butt.‎ When spirits low, you make me O.‎ Best friend & lover, what luck.‎ Panties, wet. Heart, thankful. Let’s fuck!‎