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I'm wildly in love with the man of my dreams (you) and I don't care who knows it! I'm glad 2020 is the year we closed the long distance between us!


My handsome, smart, badass, empathetic, loving, thoughtful man. Your arms are the home I didn't know was possible.

Aiden Dime Sack

Feliz dia del amor y la amistad mi vida, I obviously love you more (look at this valentine).


Secret swimming holes, hot spring renovation, head staple, shit temple mountain, biolumen romance... Our shenanigans give me life. I love you!!


Me and Rickle D. Dickledee (the D. stands for Detective), love you very much. We wish you would stop farting in your sleep so loudly, though. XoXo

Butt Butt

Happy Valentine’s Day! Glad I get to spend it with the warmest one around. <3 Your Butt Butt

Jimmy Spider Dick

Thanks for impregnating me and abusing me. 💀


I've loved you since Friday, July 28 2017 when you mocked my Ginsburg tattoo on Slack and we called each other nerds 🙏👽🎇💡😘👻

Rob my Boop

Our first year of marriage flew by! Forever grateful to have you as my love, my best friend, my only one. To all the years to come, til one of us dies


::opens the paper and yells:: Where you been my entire life? Glad we found each other. I love you to Orion and back. Crosswords and pillowtalk forever


It’s been exactly 1yr since we kinda met. I sure am glad we met again. You still owe me a museum date, but we have lots of time to get there. xoxo

Sweet Pea

You are my puzzle piece, my trophy wife, and best friend. I can't wait to be with you and rail you to death. Choo choo! Love Black Lightning

Love Muffin Adam

I love you for your charisma, talent, and all the coffee you make me. And all the dicking down you give me helps too. I'm looking forward to snuggles

Ginger Prince

The last few months - a true delight, Kissing you sets me alight, So for you this dumb poem I do recite


You can't make me stop loving you, your too beautiful for that!


Thank you for your patience.


Roses are red, violets are blue, you're the best JVs in the whole world and I can't imagine doing this without you. Love you so much!!! xoxo


It's been a minute and I still like you. Maybe 2020 will be our year. XOXO


Bunny, Bunny, Bunny - we have been hopping around like crazy people for the last couple months but now we have blue skies ahead. Love you, Big Nose


Squirrel !!!!!!!! Love, Mom and Dad


Praise be the green witch putting out the world's fires one kettle at a time. Damn the man, save the empire.

Little Bun

Who thought we would find everlasting love at a club on burnside? We did and you are my reason for living & the best husband in the world! I love you


I adore you, 9 to 5. You (residential in)fill my heart. I'm zoned exclusively for you. Can I pop up your parklet?


You are my Sunshine--the empathetic person I am interested with falling deeper. You are the jewels I excited to run towards. Love, your babe.


i love you more than nachos at Expatriate!!


Time to break out that dollar bill! #hititandquitit Happy valentines day


As we stumble headlong into a second decade together, let us remember the secret to keeping the love alive: Orgasms and Tasty Snacks!

Mountain Man

Being “snowed in” with you was an A M A Z I N G start to 2020. Our bodies were MADE for each other. You and your cabin love nest were made for lovin’!


Your willingness and tenacity in entering life’s treacherous cave continues to astonish me. There is symbolic gold as you dig. All the feels. Xo


I wish I was a floatie, wrapped around your legs, sun would beat upon us, you could just undress, and off we’d float, in the DR, dreams come true...


I lover your face


Member last anniversary when you took me to my first drag show and then we had a gangbang at Sanctuary? That was awesome!

Gangsta Boogie

I love our "sneaky between the cheeky" game we play and that I have to clinch every time you walk by. Stay Gangsta!

Henry R.

It’s time I made an honest wench of you. Spare me your venom for I love thee more than tofurkey sausage with bbq sauce. Bend over and marry me. CTS

Messy Bear

You are the cutest, smartest, funniest, sexiest female bear in all the forest. Hibernate with me, nose to chin. I love you and only you forever. Axel


I love being your partner, creating memories with you, having adventures, and just spending time with you. I am so proud to be your spouse.

Nervous Guy

I love the way you shake, rattle and roll. Don’t worry I am nervous too, but I’ll keep you cool even if you drench me in sweat every night xoxo


be kind, as lovers often are.


Hieros Fancy Pants- You finger bang banged me into your life. I'd like to sit and wiggle on your handsome, Greek stud, Aries face for all eternity.

Bento Box

Thanks for loving me as much as you love Rib Tickles. So happy you’re finally home for good. Looking forward to the next 27 years. I love you. ~Wifey


You're my Friday movie date, my big spoon and oh so talented head chef. Adventures with you my darling, I hope to find. Will you be my Valentine?

Mr Potato Head

Last year you wrote, "I am the perfect drug for you". I love being a part of your addiction! I'll open a can of "WHOOP ASS" with you anytime.


pretty mommy you are loved we like when your pants fit like a glove get home for a big brown bear hug


You’re the hottest piece of ass out there. I can’t wait to eat more nachos off your chest. I love you

Boopsie Love

Happy valentines, even though it's a dumb made up thing. I want to give you my heart every day of the year forever and ever.


Te amo más que el sol y la luna. ¡Visítame aquí! No soy tapatío, soy tu gringo favorito. Te mostraré la mar y nadaremos en nuestro amor. ¡Di que sí!


I love you so much, you are my best friend and my soul mate. Cheers to this and ever other Valentine's to come. Love you more.


The beauty of a simple song, A perfectly painted canvas, All these things remind me of you, You cure my inner madness.


There's no one else in the world I would rather annoy for the rest of my life. You are my favorite person & I love you so much!! Love, your #1 creeper

Pope John

Thanks for always doing shit I don’t want to do, for massaging my back every night, and for being the best oral pleasure giver I know. Love ya bitch.

Space Godzilla 2001

I'd let you match your toaster with my granite any day


Attachment is suffering, and I am glad to be suffering with you.

My Little Giant

How I love you, your dog, and your golden pussycat. My life is so full with you in it, and I look forward to making love to you in public places 4ever


I love you...Blah blah blah Happy Valentine’s Day, amor!!


that memory will fulfill itself and become flesh, that orbits will slow just enough to align, briefly, that you. yatfloml. aaf.


Well we both know I'm obsessed I even work at a bakery miss you cant wait until your out of prison. Sqrl


Being in love with you is the easiest thing for me to do. It is truly effortless and you make it so just by being you. To Pluto and back, Happy V-Day!


UR my tough cookie on the track. Pluck & spine U don't lack. UR jam ain't sweetened- blockers watch UR back! UR a sweet freckled lass but U KICK ASS!


Thank you for being my Valentine this year. It has been really fun getting to know you. I love you and look forward to more good times. Yours, Mishel

Bird Lady!

Tacos burritos! Thanks for a gallery of owls, love birds, quail eggs, mushrooms, booty, and the occasional snoring like a baby tiger! I pea soup you!

Gemma <3

Roses are red, violets are blue, that ass is thicc & I like ur personality too ;) Happy Vday, u hella babe! For real tho, I love u & ur ass vvv much


My Ruff Tuff, you make everything fun. Ever since the day I fell in love with you, your bright, fun spirit is found in everything. I love you so much!

Elodie Rhea

Can I be your 1st Valentine? Love you so much! Dad's #1 girl!!

KT - Tatertot

These last 5 years have been a whirlwind and I cannot wait to grab your hand and jump up to the next step :-) Love you MOST!


Together through thick and thin my love for you gals is like a snowball rolling down hill growing bigger by the mile. Love you both for always. XOXOXO


You are tall and bearded, the man of my dreams. We are stuck together forever, it seems. Let’s get some pizza after you read this. Love, Shoop Scoop


You're on my mind daily. Nobody could wish for a better partner. Thoughtful, kind, and beautiful. You're the bees knees & don't forget it!


I love you and the life we've created together. Thanks for sticking by my side through thick and thin.

Handsome Joe

Thanks for always making me laugh, changing a million dirty diapers, and dominating mac-n-cheese nights. These kids can’t be crazy forever, right? A


I love you! You are wondeful! Thank you for being the best sibling ever! I love how we spend time together and how much fun we have! ... ...Samantha?


I love you! Its you for me and me for you for life! On a trip, at a concert, cruise, camping or at home cooking together. You're my summer! -Samantha?


Our life's a challenge, but I'm glad we're working on it together. Love and devotion - forever and always, 25 years married - from your Monkey. XXXOOO


I love you & this adventure we've embarked on. Like the waters under our ship, some are rough & some are the shit but theres no one Id rather be with.


hey hi hello! i just wanted to say I love you so much. i appreciate your kindness, warmth, jokes, yummy food, and always being there. i love you!!


You are the funniest fucking person in the world and I’m glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you! Yours, Kath


Your delicious dimples delight me, your captivating calves leave me craving your bodacious booty, two cantaloupe halves bouncing, leaving Lucy juicy.

Pen and Kiri!

Can't wait to see you in March! Valentine's day is the worst but you guys are cute. H


Much pleases me in your phrases, your phases, your glances, your ganders. The grandeur of flannel island, dancing in disco hama. These dreams & boobs.


happy v-day babe, I love you to no end! you’re the best. I can’t wait to give you a big smooch! Thank you for being YOU.


It's a stupid day but you're not stupid & I know you love newspapers so here it is. LOVE YOU BABE!!!


You make life worth living in this dumpster fire of a world. Looking forward to celebrating another decade with you. Love, your Squid.

Gordy Toes

There once was a nurse in Eugene. His thighs were anything but lean. Cupid shoved him. A redhead loved him. He was the cutest man I had ever seen.

My Grumpy Baby

Even though we are states away we managed to make this work the past year and a half. We've create so many memories and I can't wait to create more.

Mikey Hammocks

I love you and I'm so excited to celebrate our first Valentine's day in our new home! - Laura Fartswell

BB bday twin

Hope today you watch Season 1 episode 19 from February 18th 2004 with some king juice. Love you miss you. H


You are my absolute favorite person and I am SO lucky to have you in my life. Here’s to our first of many incredible years as the BG’s! Love you, bee!


You are the love of my life! I can’t wait to spend all my days next to you. Ya bing bong. 愛してる


I'm so sorry that it all went down like this. The universe never wanted us 2 make it..from the our ptsd cycle. I'll miss u forever. Ftr LL


He woos u with our songs, our child, our art. He gives u my life while I disappear. He even calls you jj...but I will always be his real true love..LL

Kurt with a K

Let's find some birds! You would make a perfect valentine! Robyn


Thanks for making me marry you on Black Friday, in Vegas (natch). I regret nothing. Love you

Jess & Jora

You two are my rocks, the lights of my life, my reasons to look forward to each day. I love this platonic three-way relationship that we have created.

Jess & Jora

You two are my rocks, the lights of my life, my reasons to look forward to each day. I love this platonic three-way relationship that we have created.

Sam R.

Happy Valentine's Day to the best cat dad in the Pacific Northwest. I love you!


You keep my grounded on this crazy planet! I love you so much and couldn't imagine doing this life without you. Thanks for being my person.


I love you & I like you!


I love you more than dabs. I kiss you, I miss you, I see you tonight? XOXO, Suz


Best in Latin: tu es omnia ad me, tibi gratias ago pro hoc itinere, hoc vita.


My crossword bud & super stud! Everything is going to be okay. Thank you for always keeping me present. Cheers to our new ventures!

Patty Cakes

You make my heart feel so full. I love your snuggles and our spa days. You macrame my Valentines Day!