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You are my breath of fresh air and inspiration everyday - I love you my sweet angel. Thank you for keeping up with me and loving me unconditionally!


Happy Valentines Day! xoxo Chris


I’m constantly amazed by your spirit. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to explore the world with. Love you cutie


What a fuckin' year. I can't imagine a better person w/ whom to solider thru life's best AND worst. Thank you for being my love, my best, my dinocat.

Sky Blue

You make this life wonderful with your pasta-making skills and I wanna have adventures with you forever. Also, your doc is gonna change lives!


coffee brews,candle flickers,with utmost haste- vying for the throne. scratching chin,drooling,purring. we love you- sorry about the puke ♡NeeshaBaby♡

Pop Pop!

to the man of my heart I wake up feeling lucky everyday that Im ur lady I love u more everyday thank god ur parents did the dirty 2 make u PS nice ass


I love you like Boomtown loves his wife- intensely. You're fun and that's what I appreciates about ya. Love you honey. Now pitter patter. YEW! Ferdaa


Hey, BB! I love you, BB! Happy One-Year Anniversary! Let's make curry, watch murder shows, and do the sex! You're the BEST, BB!

Mary W

My dove! My honeybee, my sweetheart, my darling. My giraffe! You are perfect. I love everything you are and everything you are not. I adore you

People of Portland

I’m tired of being single, so what’s the best new way to put yourself out there? The newspaper. I’m 22, plus size, and single. Text me (503)857-8090

Uncle Tim

When I was a little girl you were a magic traveling unicorn of joy & hugs; But even better now. I love & miss you. Happy Valentines! ~Always, your KJ


I love you hot stuff!!


I love you and think you are smart, beautiful, and you deserve so much more than me.


I couldn’t imagine a life more beautiful. All lil weirdies and being cute from here on out. Love. Lots of it. Smoochies, Dale


The last few months have been so great getting to know you & myself even better. Thanks for being a supportive person, happy first v-day!


For fifteen years, we've shared our love. Now we have a chance to share it with our new daughter. Happy Valentines Day, my darling.

Gerald Keen/King

Since 2005 it just keeps getting BETTER&better ILOVEYOUSOVERYMUCHMYLOVE! Thank you for being party of my life Nothing compares to how amazing u are!

Julie & Jake.. Moto

Julie & Jake it has been an absolute pleasure to spend this last 2 yrs with you both.G&I LOVE YOU like familia!! Let's keep dancing & having fun!! :)

QUEEN Ashunta

Let me start by saying I love you. Thats a FACT. Your my Queen and my new world that i plan to evolve around you only. Teamwork makes DreamWork.


You are the perfect partner and most wonderful squirrel daddy. Cheers to our true blue love forever!


You're the bee's knees and I love you A LOT. You're the bestest boo. <3


It's a new thing we've got, but it's fun, delicious, and has the blessings of Guy Fieri (or at least his juice.) I'm excited. PS I made up the curling


A day hasn't gone by that I haven't thought of you. You genuinely made my life better.


Happy VD Boo! There's no one I enjoy squeezing, having my heart beat checked by, or calming down more than you. Here's to another great year BB! - BF


You are one of my fave people on the planet and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YA ANNE!!!!!! And Millie too!!! Nip nops 4 life xxxxxx

Ling May



Ma Josette de la rue des martyrs. You are the light of my life. You make every day beautiful. You are my Bestica. I Love You. I Love You. I Love


You are wise beyond your years, and so beautiful. Your strong shoulders carried me thru tough times. I can't help but wish you were with me at night.

Queen K

Every year: "Excited to share this new adventure!" How did I get so lucky?! The boys & I are blessed to have you by our side. Thank you forever. xoxo


Love is not fake news in our family.

#1 Hubs,

Look at what your cheap wife got you - a FREE valentine! Don't say I never do anything nice for you. You can have your real present when you get home.


No matter how many times you throw your back out, I will be here for you. You make a much better love slave when you can't move anyway. Love U FOREVER


Stoked I ended my LTR & that U&I ditched that dude we were dating so that U&I could get married at Burning Man. To our future of Chaos Magic & Love!


To my beloved baby sister, I love you dearly. Thank you for being my best friend and for teaching me all about dinosaurs. Happy Valentines Day cutie!


A shitty 2019. 2 unstoppable parents. 1 bed stolen by a baby. 2020 is full of hope. You are my muse and my forever love. With U I'll never B defeated.

Michelle (aka babe!)

To my sweet totes. Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with mine. I love you in 2020 and beyond. Cheers babe!

V, Vergith

Hi sweet buddy. I love you! You're my sweet Gorbidi. Love, Gorby.


Re-meeting you was the best. Put your lips on my lips and your chest on my chest. Maybe someday we’ll get some rest.


happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful little girl. Daddy loves you so much!


Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing wife and mother. I’m thankful for everything you do! Love you lots!


I’ll love you until you die first! Happy Valentines Day Xoxo, B


My poopsie is so whoopsie but also really sweet. She walks around with a smile on her face and she dances to the beat. Said I'm talkin bout my poopsie

Adrian ♥

You are more than I could ever hope for. My heart aches for you. I can't believe you're mine and I'm yours. Let's be better every day. ♥ Victoria

Queen Missy

This years experiences brought to you by hugs and the letter Q. execute plan Alpha Zulu Bunt cake. P.s. love you honey bunny


A rainbow can’t exist without a storm. May the light and sun begin to shine. Always. All of the Things.


“Rise and shine,” she said Rising haze breaks through thick dreams Heart shines with my love

Ali baby-doll o mine

Oh how I adore thee and our newborn son. Off for our next adventure, now to a new home. What wondrous memories and stories we are making-I love you so

MC sexy husband

thank you for the last ten years, here's to decades more - you're my favorite xoxoxo


I wish I may, I wish I might, have a kiss with you tonight! Your JML


15 years of balancing life and holding each other makes for a fantastic loving marriage. Thank you for being my friend and partner in life! F and A!


I am so so so happy that we ended up on the same mountain top. I love this life with you! Happy 5 years my love :)


Thank You, for D2, switch, basement, Thanksgiving, the Marriott ;), complimenting my bag, how sweet, smart & sincere you are and TRULY for staying. 52


I love you more than marionberry cream cheese. More than boobs loves bones. More than chocolate covered Costco caramels. Love Carlita


Happy birthday! I love you so much that words could never do it justice. I am so proud of you and the life that we have built together. - Josh & Dukey


When life is lonely & feels like no one loves u or cares, remember that soul energy that creates worlds gave you a heart for a reason, so find out why

Tyson Jon G

To fix what's broken fill the cracks with gold as the glue Find the worth in what's given freely.Underneath ugly with effort ever shines insparkles.


I will b here 4 u always. We been thru worse, but this kills. You are my universe, my Reason For. I ❤ u 4ev, my tattered rags n all. ❤ JohnnyBear


Thank you for your smile Thank you for your kindness Thank you for being you Thank you for being my wife. Hand in Hand

Sebass P

Baby!!!! I love you so much! Happy Valentine’s Day and thank you for always showing me so much love every single day that we are together.


Let's make a charcuterie with lots of pickles, drink half a cup of tea, eat some courage berries and jump off another cliff in 2020.


It’s been 25 yrs that you have put up with my shit,5 kids and now 3 dogs and you and I are stronger than ever you are my everything I love you jim


“I'm just an animal looking for a home and Share the same space for a minute or two” I love you.

Daniel Simon

Your fuzzy face makes the world go round. You keep our bellies fed and faces smiling! You’re the best! Love, Shannon, Clover, Waylon, Jiggy and Loki


We go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Thank you for all that you do for me. I love you!


I touch you once I touch you twice. I won't let go at any price. I need you now like I needed you then. (II always will!)❤️


You are number one! You are my truest true! love, respectively, Buffy and Soba

Matthew Zink

I love you the most 🌹🌹

Pooh Bear

There isn't a moment that goes by that you're not in my thoughts. I love you to the moon and back, the long way, not the short way. Sorezer, Kitun.


You're quirky and fun and sometimes you run, barefoot. I adore your face and your sweet tight butt, a lot. Even if you have to sleep on a cot.


Thanks for being the moon to my sun and the best PapaMom to our two dog sons. I love you more and more every single day. Nearly a decade together. Ah!

Emmy Poo

You are my EVERYFING and I love you SO MUTZ! You are my breath of FRESSS AIR! I can't wait to be your wife. PACHOW!


I cant believe how lucky I am to have you to love. You are one cool kid and I LOVE being a part of your life. Jelly Loves Squirrel. Team Jelluirrel!


When you cried after I told you that I’m doing my best to be patient because you are so tired, is going to the mental folder with heart emoji on it.


I love your eyes smile and little giggles I love the way you make me laugh until I cant breath I love that you only want the true me ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!;)


To my soft and sweet, let me hold you close and keep you here with me. Love you beautiful. -JT


My sweet little soulmate. Loving you. Through any and all time, space, barriers and distance. Beyond lucky to love you and feel loved by you. ++

Rachel and Simone

Happy Valentine's Day! I love you both to pieces.

Lindsey ∆∆∆'s

Love you so geometric father ∆∆∆. Kiss kiss/heart shaped text rose /My Cully NE 74th ave man lady boy girlfriend / yours truly -xoke slabtown 5899 Π


My love. My ginger sunshine. Happy Valentine’s day. I love you.


This one is really, truly and only for you. Love, Mister Boat Ramp?


Wow Bethany wow, I love you. Hope your day is full an even jergens application and more love than Drake's DMs. LYLAS <3


Baby, I'll be right by your side, as long as the sun shines

Rude Bug

I’m glad we both swiped right two years ago! Thanks for being such a great cat dad to Mew. You’re my favorite person. Xoxo SARA


may your day be filled with soccer balls and squirrels, peanut butter and nice girls, muddy trails and wagging tails


--- a lovely Feb 14 to ALL at The MERCURY/Portland, esp Wm Steven-- Love - Terry / Regina, Saskatchewan Canada -- and The STRANGER / Seattle, WA


You are the only Valentine for me. We will warm up soon. Love you, John


You are the most beautiful, witty, kind, cute GF. You make me smile & laugh. You are my safe harbor in these turbulent times. I love you, Nicholas


You're my soulmate, my love, my home, my friend. I see my happily ever after with you where our oceans meet, touch, and flow together.

Beautiful Gina

Despite weekly viewings of My 600 LB Life and other fine TLC programming, I love and adore you! Please don't fall asleep at 8 pm tonight...Happy VDay!


Garbage Muppet here, telling you I love you more than my garbage. (The best decision I've ever made was to love you)

Tamara Renee

Thank you for being my person. I love you forever and ever, and to the moon and back. JP

LuLa Songbird

"... and you can use my d!@k for a walking stick as well." IMMORTAL LOVE BRAT


I more than like you.


Thank you for being so sexy and good at everything. I am the luckiest. -your lover


I love you with all of my heart, my sweets.This is year 6 of me writing these-I’m running out of things to say. But I’ll never run out of love for you

Chelsea M

Thank you for your friendship, for supporting and sharing the good/bad/and beautiful (especially sunrises/sunsets/trees/moons). I💜U Happy❤Day

Mary Lou

Loving you deeply makes me alive. Missing you keeps me breathing.Remembering you every second of my day makes the love grow. I love you so very much.


We shall use this printing as evidence that I do in fact love you more. I win.


I'm glad that Cupid brought us together. You're sweet and sexy and sometimes when I'm giggling it's because I just want to rip off all your clothes.