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my lover

My love for you grows more every day.I’m the luckiest gal in the world to call you are my most favorite in the world! Your big beefy baby

Handsome Joe

Happy almost 10 years - can’t wait to escape to Italy with you!! We love you more than kale salads, books, and kittens! xoxo - A, F, C


Miss you often and love you always. SS


It only gets easier loving you. Every second I get to spend with you is a gift, ty for being your wonderful self. Please cool it w the taco bell tho


You remain the most beautiful part of my life, and you become more beautiful with each passing moment. I Love you! I Love you! I Love you!

Jenn 💕

My VD wish for you is for you to remember that you’re the girl with the most love. Pinky swear. PS- never call me again

🌮 bb 🌮

Even though we don’t live in Portland anymore, I am forever grateful that we found each other there. Thank you for loving me through THICC and thin!


Love you forever. Stay gorgeous inside and out. Duke and I love you so much. Happy birthday! - Joosh


Your are the best thing I ever found on Craigslist! I love you so much Babe! Thanks for all you do for us my love!


Whether in PDX, SD, or elsewhere, you’ll always be my V’tine. Also, this is like our 14th time doing these—yay for becoming an old married couple.143!

Orange Belt (Hot),

Lovertits, Ur the Shhh...Woman, I Do Take...Make Me Feel, Predictably Unpredictable, Pynk...Life Is Better With You...Bad Girls, Rub. XOXO, Captain O

From Diana

She loves you for all days, you know. For time and all eternity.


Will you be my girlfriend? Check this O box for yes Check this O box for no And fold this note three times and pass it back to me Write back love Crax


Girl, you so fine Will you be mine? I'll let you top me Just say you agree <3


Love for you continues unabated. No change in sight, forecast clear. Over and out. t. your wife


Romantic love is not the ultimate ideal. You are loved by your friends. You are loved by your family. You are loved. You ARE love. Love you 4eva! ME

Pumpkin Spice

10 years ago: my 1st yoga classes - trying to spend time with you any way I could. Today: a BT, a house, a garden, a whole life together as JSAC :)

My Boo

I think you're truly something special, Just what my dreams are really made of, Let's stay together you and me boy, There's no one like you around <3


Feelin’ like we’re in our secret love bus every time we’re together. Forever listening to Air on a picnic blanket in the sun. I ♡ you my elven prince!


I’ve loved you since before I knew you, when you were at the Columbia pool on a hot summer day. I loved you in Jamaica, Denver, Jackson, forever.


I really like you.


Joannie Sun You're the best! We Love you! Love, Pete and Jess!

Lieutenant Dangle

You fill my life with so much happiness and love. I can’t believe it has been 10 years of watching the helicopter and dangle dances. XOXOXO - Ur Jdubs


Another amazing year with the best wife! Thanks for being you.

Captain Stede Evans

I'd let you shiver my timbers all the way past the end of the line, sweet thing. All my love (past the Milky Way and back again), Ed Barnes


You make everything in my life better. Alluvit!

Marryshino 🍒

U R Mother and the the most eloquent dish. I am undeserving of being able to devour daily…no crumbs left U R my ❤️and keep me locked on my true north


Love you very much today & everyday. Love Kosey


I love you and will love you for the rest of the days there is left on the planet. You gave GOD the 2 families he deserves. I love you.


I love you so much. Thank you for joining our family and relationship. Thank you for caring me and the world especially yourself. I love you.

Jaunty Rugged Charm

Wherever we go, richness we'll find - mossy paths, elk herds, the way our eyes shine. Wanting it all is easy with you. 14 more years, please, love.

My Sweetie

15 fabulous years of travel! On our way we’ve run into a lot of boulders and removed them together. I’m looking forward to many more years with you!


My sweetest darling, I’m so glad we are wives! I love you more every day! -M


Baby...ooh-ooh Baby. I love to love You, Baby. Your Baby.


Looks like we’ll spend the day sick, but I wouldn’t want to be sick with anyone else. I love you, Valentine. Love, Dish


Happy Valentine's Day, darlin-- We'll get together before the Fair. I love you-- Larry


Thanks for being such a great human. I am proud of you and I love you. - Mama


I'm sorry for being a jerk to you sometimes. Let's get together & chase a ball around at the river soon. Thanks for looking out for my people. Bruce


Was I wearing pants that night? Otherwise, I would have slid your hard cock into my wet pussy as I ground on you. You should have fucked me. - M


New plan! Let's fuck all over the world with the slowest of velocidads. To more adventures in 2023! Love, Meg


Forever, 4eva, is a word of romance, of held hands, of spooning, of afternoon delight, of dreams shared. Love always, T

Boob man…ass man

Happy Valentine’s Day! I just can’t wait to ov-u-late! ❤️your Boo


It’s been 10 years, Romance we seek. But we can do it! (Three times this week!!!)


Thank you for letting me in. I can’t believe I didn’t see you before, you’ve taken my breath away. He’s so lucky. Maybe, in another life … HappyVday A

Hawaiian Seabeast

Back in your homeland trying to unwind which proves difficult with 2 crazies. Thx for your support & patience with the extra stress lately.~Aloha Mama

Romantic, No Game

You’ll always be my forever Valentine, even though you don’t send me these anymore. I love you forever.

Jenny the Imponente

You are my beautiful queen! Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Meg

H Bear

Violets are blue Roses are red The fucking so good I float over the bed Happy Valentine’s Day from the luckiest little animal around. I love you!


I love me some you.


Happy Valentines day! You are the light of my life and my best friend. Here's too all our memories and the ones that are in our future. 😘

Dr. Springer

Another P city under our belts! I’d follow you anywhere, my love (even to a city that doesn’t start with a P). Pants down, I love you the morst 🧡


How you are doing... I'm finding you more fascinating than ever here in the double digits. I drew a metaphorical heart in the snow for you at 3am.

Jessie Biscuit

Happy Love Day! Thanks for marrying me and making awesome dinner all the time. What more could I want? Oh yeah, see you tonight... For Sex.


There's no one else I'd rather drain my savings for. So, so excited to bring (y)our dream to life and be the dopest house on the block


I think you are a great person and I am grateful my son and you are enjoying this time in your lives together. I wish you all the best. Love, Sierra


Today is the day I say happy Valentine’s Day mom and I love you. Have a happy Valentine’s Day! Simon

Sporty Spice

Sorry things got weird. Happy Valentine's day, Butthole 😘

Mouse Rat Esquire

Each new year and each day makes me so happy we chose each other. I can't wait for our vacation and to have more time just the two of us.

Wifey Eri

Thanks for another year of love. Another year of us. Another year of our beautiful family. You keep gettin' sexier - scary how sexy you'll be at 100!

Great Tetons

I'm really happy to have you in my life. You are a wonderful partner and I love growing with you. Oh, and you're also smokin' hot!


SophiEeeeeeeee , Bear, Jdog, Bruce and I think you're pretty cool and I do too. Thanks for being such a positive addition to our fam ! Loves, Rara

Besties ❤️

Girls, we kick it waaaay back to ‘93. Rockin’ 30 years together. Forever you will be my BFFs! My Parkrose sisters! 🌹Girls trip? Vegas Baby?

Sweet Boy

Let’s be big ‘ol pervs together forever. I love you to bits -B


You’re better than any fried chicken or Pilates class I’ve ever had. Happy V Day!!

Lil buddy

Let’s sit in a meadow. I’ll be the bear and you be the rabbit. We can watch the sun set and pick wild flowers.

Besties ❤️

It’s our pearl anniversary! BFFs forever. We’re proof the best things in life come in three!


XXX marks the spot I’ve drawn you a map Leave a handprint on my juicy ass XOXO it makes my balls blue the years that go by while I’m missin you boo 😘

Mi Cara Bella

You have been such a sweet surprise in my life. I will always be by your side through thick and thin and i want to be your meatball always 🖤💕-X

the hole damn group

you're so cute and fun, and i've been having such a wonderful time hanging out with y'all. here's to infinity more twirls! love, character limit


You are the greatest Valentine I've ever had (dont tell my mom). Can't wait to kiss you all over and make sexy pizzas together.


I’m gonna marry you and that’s pretty fucking cool because you’re the best of all the people. You’re the greatest, my love!


Love ovulating with you. Around you. On you. In you😘 You’re the best baby! Happy ✌🏻 Day

Captain O

I think about you. I miss you. I will always wish we could have made it work. I found someone and I am happy. Keep grooving. Peace and Love, S xoxo


You probably won't see this. . Remember our 1st Valentines together when I put a note in the Mercury.. I miss you. . I miss us. . . your hermosita

Ms S

17 more years of you grinding me into the dirt with your heels and lifting me up to the stars with your fingertips, please. <3 your #1 brat

Honey Bunny

Even though you drive me crazy most days, I love you more than anything!! Can’t imagine my life without you! 😘❤️❤️

Cori Cakers

You pump up my jam. You’re the booty on my dance floor. You are the techno to my tronic. You make my heart pulse at 125 bpm. You make my day❤️


You are my queen. My sweet sappy soup of love. My primrose.

Goodmatch k

I had the best dream ever…and woke up to find it’s real life with you! You light all my fires, hot stuff. #cplb

Dark Brandon Rising!

We met long ago but we had no idea what you could do. Thank you for the largest investment in Green Energy ever. Our children thank you!

Am Fox

nothing was lost. still flawlessly love You. do the right thing. Perfection won't ever be beat.


My one and only, my once-in-a-lifetime, the most beautiful woman I know… inside and out. I’m so fucking lucky to have you in my life. XO