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Pierre Savage

You’re incredible Kind Fun/ny Weird AF Gorgeous Thoughtful sex magician Open Talented Bae Thanks for making me feel special every ding dong day <3


My Buttery Jack, thank you for braving this dumpster fire world with me, you make everything a bit less trash, I love you so much!!


We made a human! I'm grateful every day that I'm on this journey with you. I love you so much. Also, you have a cute butt! Let's not forget that.

Boo x 2 Adults

What a year! What a place! What an us! Your support, humor and kindness make it all possible. Cheers to our future, our love and to being adults Boo!


Ollin--my optimum object of affection & one and only. And platonic love for Owen!


You always be my Queen what we share together is out of this world and its been a blessing to my life to have you in it. Our makeup sex is the best.


Your hands look so good spanking my butt red as a Valentine heart from, your little slut.


Sweet Goblin, cry no longer 💜💖

Tanna Banana

Well,I sure do hope I am Your Rip.Because You’ve been My Beth since the day 1 FYI,You had me at,”I knew I was ok when I woke up with my panties on!”


I thought my life was full before I met you. I never knew what I was missing.! You make me whole. Yours, always, Adrian


I will love you no matter what u heart will always know you, my child. im so glad im your mommy. im trying so hard to get home to you. Mom


losing you was devastating. i miss my bestfriend. i want my life back. take accountability, apologize. quit making me the monster, ill love u always..

man i havent met yet

we will meet and find a healthy safe love. im doing the work to deserve you, i hope you are too...i want to feel the magic i have lost again...soon..

ocean eyes

why couldnt i be something you wanted to do the hard work for?? this fucking hurts. i have to flow onward...i am sorry


You're my favorite! There's no one else I'd rather binge watch shows through a pandemic with. You're the best part of any day. Love you <3


Even though you have trained our dogs to love you more, I still love you the most.


You are so sweet, kind, and helpful. I love how you go out of your way to assist people at work. Your easy going demeanor is calming. Happy VDay.


You are my everything. Taking on new challenges and exciting endeavors only builds our love. I can’t wait for July into the Fall ;) ;) Love you 4ever!


Dude, I fucking love you more than anything. You are my absolute dream ❤️ And forever my favorite little bitch boy 🥰

Sweet Potato

Roses are red, This might be sappy, Without you in my life I could not be happy. Love you lots, Sweet Tomato


You are the best part of my days! I am looking to another year of board games, snuggling with dogs, and just having fun together. I love you.

Duo dutcho

You're a Diamond League bloodhound for finding perfect gifts and grocery values! KC nachos for Easter...maybe lekker kaas in July ? Liefdesvriend


Hard as it may be to imagine, the little mouse in our midst is bound to succumb to sleep. At that moment I'm going to get you! Starting with kisses...


I Love you so much, and every day I feel luckier that I get to share a life and Love with you. You're my Blue Sky, my Waterloo Sunset, and my Bestica.


i hope you have an Incredible day ~

Hot Kitty Kat!

Thank you for coming into my life at Burning Man. Whether it's raising kids, union organizing or dancing in stripper shoes at SOAK, you are amazing!

New Yorker Nicholas

Thank you for owning a winery, advocating for sweatshops and being anti-porn. Please lead Oregon back into the 1950s where it belongs.

Adrian ♥

My love, you are the most beautiful and exquisite person I’ve ever known. You’ve opened my heart and I’m grateful. I’m forever yours. ♡Victoria


200 more days until we say I do. Here is to forever and always, I love you my Gund bear ❤️


You are simply amazing. You’re going to do great things this year! You are much loved and supported. Here for you always! ~Tori & Cam

Big Eyes

Thanks for being the best. You're my favorite. I love our life together.


Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for loving me. I plan to spend many more years together perfecting our teamwork and celebrating our love of life!

H Bear

Roses are red, The pandemic still sucks, But I’ll tell you one thing, I’m enjoying our fucks! Keep that pipe coming.


Yours eyes are chocolate Your dick like a rocket Your tongue makes me swoon All the way to the moon Your slut needs spanking Til my legs are shaking!


You are the best and I’m so lucky to have you in my life. It’s been so wonderful seeing you back to your wonderful self. We adore you so much. Love,

Jeffrey TheVelcroDog

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Angel Baby Nunu Bug Stink Butt! Love, Mom (the one you cherish and adore) and Papi (the one who buys you Amazons)


ey foo you peakin foo? if you peakin i'm peakin foo hmu this weekend under the moon foo pari


Loving you feels like humans discovering fire, or like falling into a warm pile of laundry, or maybe the most natural thing I’ve ever done.


Remember when Yurgen said "I don't eat babies"? Well, I would totally eat babies for you! If that's what you want. Not my preference. ❤️ Lawless


After all these years, you are still the most amazing woman I know. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you!


I love you more than Moon’s Pineapple Curry. - B

Ryan Devo

You've made my heart as warm as a baked potato, and every day with you is a shpadoinkle day. You've made my life inestimably better. Deal with it.


Wishing you a life filled with all the love and happiness you deserve. - B


Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with wine, Oreo’s, and great friends like you. - B


No one else I’d rather Trash and Treasure with. - B


The world is ending, but our friendship will persevere like the cockroaches. - B


The ‘Blazers may be tanking, but our friendship is like Damian come trade day, untouchable. - B

Little Animal

Your ass is driving me crazy. Smashing, smushing, licking. I love it all. Let’s just keep getting grosser. -B


I'm glad we did. 10/10 would do again!


A decade hasn’t been long enough. I can’t wait to marry you and grow into the old angry dykes we were meant to be. Love, Your Faithful Bog Wench


Spe. We love you so much. Happy V Day. Q: How long did the baseball player spend in the library? A: Five minutes. It was a short stop.

brussels sprouts man

thinking about you warms my heart. i'm so thankful that you (lovely you) are in my life. xoxo, sss. a.

Kev Buns

Let's eat in again.


Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want to be tied up and beat by you <3


Trying not to break anymore hearts but damn, those buns, bun U ╹ x ╹ U

Baby Bird

Three days without missing But a lifetime of no kissing you Is something that I just can't do I wish I could be there To share the moon Love, Shayn

Magical Holly

You are the only valentine I would ever want. Thank you for making a pointless holiday meaningful by making me feel loved all year long. I’m yours.


To my Pirate.May we keep sailing the seas. I love our wild adventures. We like to rock the boat. Yo-ho-ho. May our future days be filled with loot.

Dave wavy

You ar my hear soul my moon and stars .you are my entire world I love your Flaws youhave heart.kf gold I love you my love

Dave wavy

You ar my hear soul my moon and stars .you are my entire world I love your Flaws youhave heart.kf gold I love you my love


Yours is juicy in the best way, hers in the worst. No matter, still love having both of you in our bed.


12 Years down, and you STILL give me butterflies. Thank you for making all of my dreams come true. You will ALWAYS be my Favorite. Love, BJ


You know, we've been dating for a couple years now, and I'm starting to think we might be lesbians... Better date a couple more years just in case. <3

‘Zona Baby

I love you! I love our tantric nights in our own home. Can’t wait to try out the pool and more pills. You make me so happy! Give me a good kiss!


I hope you can read these greetings of love in the bathtub sometime in the future. It's a nice image.


Can’t wait to marry you and have infinite valentines days with infinite fondue with you. Happy love day my sweet ily more every day ❣️

Ryan Wmore

I will buy a million chickens, and name them all after you. Our love is stronger than Doge and Snowflakes immune systems. Xoxo my soulmate.

The hardest Noodle,

I’ve scratched, chalked, whispered and screamed “crispy wonton”around the world with you. You’re all I want. Another 12,179 days? Yes, please! Otter


Thank you for 44 years of hot bliss.

Sweet Heart

U know who U are, even though We are just meeting - in the mirror at 3.5 months sober. I love more now I believe I can live without needing alcohol 💓

my kitton boo

I love you and folks should tweet you at @evilgreenrobot to let you know. Love you much, kitton!


You are the worm of my dreams, squishing around the teeny spaces inside my heart.

Sugar Booger

One more year I’m glad you chose me!!!


You are my sweet girl and I love you so much. The time spent together has meant the world and I can’t wait to see where our love takes us. Te amo!


Hey fucko! You are an ass hole. Lern 2 fucken enjoy being smothered by me constantly. You basically didn't realize who you were marrying, did you?


The first year of our marriage was a blast, now as we add a new member life is going to be even more exciting! Love you to the moon and back!

President Dude,

Happy Valentine's Day! Emma and I will recreate the romantic dinner you and Dan had in 2016. Love, Senator Babis


You’ve been crushing mommahood, slayin covids, and melting my heart. Here’s to many more bright days ahead! I love you so hard bb… MUUAAAH! XOXO

Lilac Merthelin

Y'shtola my heart, baby, and I ain't giving you a quest marker to return it. <3


Remember oh that look that pierced me years ago and ever since you've been the sky in my mind always shining blue I miss you


The butthole is the natural choice. It always has been. Thank you for sharing your life with me and our beautiful kitties.


Guess what? I love you bunches and bunches and I'm so glad I met you. Let's go have fun and see some shit. Kiss kiss kiss.


We wriggle together, inside the sheets and out. We hunt for passions, mushrooms and tastes with a penchant for meats. You delight me and I love you


We wriggle together, inside the sheets and out. We hunt for passions, mushrooms and tastes with a penchant for meats. You delight me and I love you


Love you so much fiancé, I am so lucky to be with you and the babies. ❤️, 🐻


Love you so much fiancé, I am so lucky to be with you and the babies. ❤️, 🐻

Tall n’hunky ginger

I’m gonna keep on lovin ewe, cuz it’s the only thing I wanna do. Thankful I get to ride this end of the world wave with my best friend and beloved. XO

Baby w/ a capital A

┌|o^▽^o|┘♪ Tractor Boy vs. Mr. Plow. TRACTOR BOY WINS!!! ⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾

what a coffee slut

Your new workout outfits make me worship your clit then flip you face down into the couch and pound you until you scream and cum. Thanks, I luv u!

Big Cat

Arnold, you’re being SO weird today— is it because it’s almost Valentine’s Day? -All the love, Mx. Sexbang


My love for you makes my heart go, “NANI?!” Come back to me!


My love for you makes my heart go, “NANI?!” Come back to me!

Lucyfer Darling

Ur a total devil who 1 my heart while fiddlin'a'round out there in the desert. U keep my heart by being the angel that ur. Thx 4 makin life mo better.


I just want you to know that I love you more than all of the air in the universe! I am truly blessed to have you in my life and in my heart!!


My Love, I want you to know how much I adore you! Being with you and your love is a gift I am grateful for every day. Love, G/Cougar


Megadeth and I love you to the moon and back!


Thanks for helping us stay groovy. We can't wait to see what you have planned for us next. #buslife4life


Slither on down to my nether, and I will keep you warm forever. Love my Bestest.. the smartest, sexiest, and most talented man. ❤️ me, lmg 🐐

My love

You made me a dad, twice during the pandemic, you’re the best partner and teammate I could ever ask for I love you and everything about you XOXO YS ❤️