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So excited to find you in this life and do this all again. Your heart is a beautiful place where I want to spend my days

Wilder & Em

You gave me a home and picked me up when I was crawling. My love and gratitude to you both is endless.


Countless beers and 3 years later, I'm as charmed by you now as I was when we first met. You're an amazing partner, lover, friend. I love you! -LH


Let's kick 2020's ass. Love, Katie


I love you, Cute Stuff. We must make some people sick.


Looking forward to our Valentine trip! Time for a break from the everyday. I'm glad we have each other and a new rocking chair. Love, Cute Stuff


You are a total babe and I love you.


My Valentine's Day wish: early bedtime for our little pig, a classy meal of ramen and BBPs, and Thor Ragnarok. ILY ;)


I love you and I’m so glad to be yours, my Golden Goddess Love, Satan


You've rocked my world since u first threw shade in my direction 9 years ago. Thanks for taking a chance on a straight girl & for being so damn cute.


Your eyes radiated such warmth that they melted the clouds away on a gloomy day. I liked you right away and your sense of humor so meshed with mine!


Thanks for all the orgasms! Love you! -Mimi

Frances (Chicky)

I’ve never been so lucky and loved in my life, as you have made me. Let’s stay together, closer than ever. Love, you’re Duck Butt ❤️🦆


I love so much!


We've got a Lion, Athena and Bernadoodle. But all that matters is us. Be my queen if you know what I mean and let us do the wild thing. BennyBoo122


My sweet! It's been thirteen cycles since we met in a warm pool under the (almost) Snow Moon. I'm so excited to see what's next for us. Yours, Plantsy


It's been a crazy year and I wouldn't trade a single minute. You fill my life with adventure, wine and pole kisses. I love you.


All these years and I still love you megatoads. Always your Scrumpy.


From Physical Science to long lasting love. I still feel like you are a dream in my waking life. I love you to the Moon and back babes!


My love for you, I must report-le And snork your neck neck, Baby Bortle! Hurry back, eh? I miss uu! Smoochies, my favorite Bohemian. I Love you more!


You are a certified Y E double YEW!!! -Loverboy


I love you, a lot, and feel awfully fortunate that I get to bear witness to your passion and growth every day.


You are the Aquarius queen of my dreams! I love you so much and want to spend all my free time worshipping you. I’m so glad you came into my life!

Patty poop

You are my forever valentine. Love your buns to the moon and back. Thank you for loving me forever and ever. - Mrs. Seeley

Mrs. D

To my dearest, Love isnt a strong enough word to describe how I feel about you. Now grab the lube and get in the van. Love, Mr. D


Cheers to 11 years in hardcore mode. You hit me with one shot and I was done for. xoxo pdxhannah


I may be hot tub cool and hot as fuck, but so are you! Love, Ang


You have changed my life more than you know. You are love to me since we first met in 2004 🌹 When you dream, I hope you hear the appreciation of all

Gretch Lightning-cow

You are the dancing dawn in my playfulness, and the long shadows of silence. You can pick up the cold stone o winter and share it as warmth and weight


Bombshell, I love you more and more each day that I'm lucky enough to have you in my life! I still can't believe how lucky I am, Love you baby!! xoxox

Sean B

My Smelly Garbage Angel, I hope we get many more years of cat-wrangling together. You’re stupid and I love you.

Bubble Tape

Girl, you are my everything. You had my heart the second you bit through that bubble tape like the wild girl that you are. Always and forever - TAB


Happy first Valentine’s Day babe! May the force be with us for many more to come!


Movin to the cuntry Im gonna eat me a lot of butts I poked my finger inside Make room for an ant to hide If I had my little way Id eat butts every day


I hope to bump uglies with you until I’m one hundred and two. Thank you for all the lovin’ and laughin’, I wouldn’t be me without you. Ur a QT 2.




You are the moon that lights up my life. You're the Spence to my Gids. I love you more than fruit and cereal. Happy Valentine's day baby

Neil the real deal

Been soaking in the hot tub! Can’t wait to see TOOL, I mean your tool. Come join me for a dip, 2nite is a hot tub night. Btw thx 4 breakfast!!


Iadoreyou. Us meeting has cleared the clouds. 2020 is our year. Now I am bubbly, I am pink, I am free. Free to continue this journey with you. Xoxo -S

Big Daddy

I want to give Jackson a great big kiss for Valentine's Day! Love, Baby Girl

Little Love E

You are my sweetheart and my sunshine. Thank you for making every day so fun. I am so lucky to be your Momo Love.


I'm so filled w/ love and excitement 4 this adventure we R embarking on 2gether Glad we have these friendship rings to prove our love. HappyVday!


You’re my NEP Queen forever. Love, Tony


I got lucky when I met you. You're my husband and my best friend. I hope we get many more years of this. I love you.


I’ve never met anyone like you before. You changed my life in the best way possible. You amaze me everyday. Love you

Brussels Sprouts Man

you continue to take my breath away and i'm so grateful to be able to spend time together. ymtwtm. ily. a.

Ironman412 (spe)

We a-Dumbledore you! Lots of love! Happy Valentine's Day. Peace.


You are the love of my life. I’m so excited to be a parent with you. Being together with you has brought me the most wonderful thing in my life.


My Coldstone curb partner in crime, Pool party hand holder, Top Of The World. I used to have you, now I have this bracelet. Meet me in the Afterglow.

Mr. Windy

You make my heart go POP...!!!


You were person that came to mind when I saw this opportunity. You exude nothing but dopeness & I love being in your presence. Thxs for blessing me.


You were person that came to mind when I saw this opportunity. You exude nothing but dopeness & I love being in your presence. Thxs for blessing me.


I think you're pretty swell. 2020 reeks of potential for joy and change, so let's dive in, have new adventures, and love each other everyday. Diene K


¡Te quiero hasta la luna, and happy birthday! From Sprout


I love pinching your warm little butt cheeks in the morning!! I miss you as you are on the other side of the planet but sending you lots of my love!


You make everything better. I look forward to every new day with you. I could spend endless Jeremy Bearimy’s with you

David S

Being your sweetheart has shown me what it means to be in love and at peace. You are the solace in my world. Be my forever valentine? XO your Puddin’


Everytime I see you I'm reminded that I'm the luckiest out of all the alternate versions of me in other dimensions. You're perfect and you're all mine


Doo da doo doo doo doo doo da dee dee dee dee I love ya ya looney tune no joke though :D

Biscuit Funshine,

Another year down and more in love with your sweet butt than ever! Let’s ride shooting stars all the way to making our dreams true. Yours always, R-


I’ve never felt so much love, trust, and safety in my entire life before. You’ve changed me. I love you forever. -BAG

Mark Peanut

Whether it’s the Austrian Lake District, atop the Alps, in a glamping tent in Wales, or a short stroll to Da Conch, I’ll lazy play with you anywhere.

Joshua D.

You're my favorite thing to do. Lick it till ice cream. -Happy Valentines, SXF

My Love

I love you too, but do you have candy? I won’t get in the van unless you promise to have candy. Sex and candy! Let’s get sticky. Love Mrs.D

Sweetbaby: MAL

Thanks for giving me the most amazing 10 plus! ---<3 EV (Years)


BB! You’re the highlight of 2020 so far. Can’t wait for more puzzles, cocktails, bad movies, good times, and loving on each other. You’re the best.


Teamwork makes the dream work, Babyyy! I am so grateful to spend another Valentine's Day with you, I love you <3 Team Pepman 4 eva lol! xoxo


Happy Valentine's Day Gorgeous! I put a lightbulb of red in the lamp by my bed. If I can't have you near, I'll send a signal instead. I Miss You!


I’m so gr8tful for yr friendship and all that I have learned from it and you since that first moment in photo class when you were a bitch to me. Luv U


Hi my love! You smell :) I loved you when you walked into work that day long ago. I will love you till forever. Love, Stinkybooty


You're the only one I want to be smushed with when the big one hits.


Mon amour et ma muse. Thank you

Mici mi amor

You make me so happy I sometimes think that I must be dreaming. We are so lucky. No one loves like we do. This is special, our family is true love. Xo


You brighten even my darkest days, I can always trust you have my six. I love you more than carbs and good praxis. -Winter


no words can express how much i care my heart has never known the joy u bring me cupid knew what i wanted he made u a reality


In case I haven’t told you: I adore your brain, the way you laugh, the sound of your voice. I’m so grateful. I want to stay up all night with you.

Mike Klowny

From the early days in the city on a clown rampage, to the now with our rad dogs, deams, & sweet life. You are my 💜! Let's Bang! Heather Klowny


I know it's been a tough couple of years, but you're really putting in the effort to turn things around. You'll figure this out! Love, Myth


Iz luv u!!! You are the sugar to my spice! Can't wait for more of our adventures peaches!! Xoxo little bear 💖💖💖


Through good and bad, ups and downs, sickness and health - I love you!

Tan Love

You're important to me. I want you to be happy, you deserve it! Thanks for being honest & caring. You never cease to amaze me. More sexy times please!


I can't think of anything funny or clever to say this year so I just want to say I love you & have loved you every day for the last 3 years. Boos4ever


You make life worth living. I can't wait for our future adventures, I can do anything with you by my side. Love you forever.

Avocado (Yeah, you)

Worlds apart as we are for the best, I don't look past the good times. Thanks for two years of supernova sex and for finding me provisions. <3 Puppy


You are my one and only. Your love has changed me to be softer, love harder, and to be me completely. You are my everything & are fucking hot!! xoxo N


It’s been 4 amazing years! I’m grateful for you and what we have together every day! You make my life so much more awesome and fun! Love you! Cougar


Oh hot, firey Volcano I pledge my minion heart to you and your gift of amazing dusty nights at the burn and at SHIFT Festival! Can’t wait for more!

Liso Bear

Last year was rough, but we got through it. I love you so much! This year will be better and next year even better! I love you love you love you loveU


can't wait to use our new bolt cutters to kill zombies and loot warehouses together in the upcoming climate apocalypse. love you 5ever bebe :3


You are the sweetest of sweets. You are the greatest to have ever existed! You are stardust, passion, fire, oceans, galaxies! A king! Love Michelle!


Thank you for being my Valentine, every day for 12+ years. You're my best friend,and I love you!


Happy Valentine's day to my sweet, intelligent, fierce and creative girl. Your the best kid a dad could have. I love you!


I love you with all of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to the only girl I want to binge watch ridiculous reality shows with at 1am. Love, Lauren


You will always be the foie to my gras. We love you, Julia & Benny


Why is it that you are the star of so many of my best memories? Though we are apart, you’re still the queen of my heart.❤️

Peetie Pablo

You are the Jake to my Fin. The cutest slice of pizza sandwich anyone could ever imagine. I choo-choo-choose you. Thank you for choosing me!

Dearest Bucket,

Though time has been short & swift, I am madly, deeply with you and will keep my sweetest treasure. Be mine? Adore you boo, nugget from the interwebs

Jas aka J.E.D.

This is the year that your Qi is flowing! This is the year when the stars align. This is the year when you achieve your final form: nacho cheese.

Adawg (aka Dogbert)

Dear Dr Dogg, I love you more than the astrology app says I do. Once you master the Penny Bloods, you’ll understand my creepy love of creepy - Kim


Dearest Henry this mermaid would swim a million miles for you, eternally yours, you are my King Always Mermaid