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You've got to make a statement. You've got to look inside yourself and say, what am I willing to put up with today? lOtS oF kIsSeS. - Big Cat


Love you and your dumb beard. You book the best shows.

Carlotta and Pepper

Thank you for being a friend. So glad we decided to go out for mac salad after meeting at that Curves gym. xoxo Teets

V Cheesecake Factory

More: + Agate searching + Late nights + Connect 4 & Wordle battles + Forest hikes + Hot coffee + Vegan nomz + Tenderness & vulnerability + Handle w <3


Happy balentimes my darling. We love you so much and being with you everyday is the best. Love Colby, Romeo, and Libby and B-Rad in spirit.


Happy Valentines Day! Snow birds fly south and roost in warm nest. Come south!! You should be here more than 5 days a month.

Che Bones

If I was having a bad mushroom trip alone, I think I’d be missing you the most. I love you and our old creaky gurgly son. I live to make you laugh


You are the love of my life & the sweetest most cutest funniest sexxxiest husb ever there was! Love u more every day, sweet. Will u be my Valentine?

Ding Dong Duff

Immensely thankful for you being my person. I cannot fathom going through *all this* with anyone else. No funnies, I just <3 U so much. But, eat shit.


I Love you and think you are Wonderful! Love, Greene

Powell’s crush

Dancing to Beach House in OUR kitchen, buggin out in Ted. My life is so much sweeter now that you’re a part of it. Love you forever & beyond <3

Chris H

I Choo- Choo Choose You!

Mama Bear

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful now than when I first fell for you. Wife, mom, social worker, and Wonder Woman! I love you…minh…143!

Mama Bear

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful now than when I first fell for you. Wife, mom, social worker, and Wonder Woman! I love you…minh…143!

Momma Bear

You are stronger, wiser, and more beautiful now than when I first fell for you. Wife, mom, social worker, and Wonder Woman! I love you…minh…143!


I NEVER LOST with nonwhite defendants in White Portland when it's about child sexual abuse. I know there's no evidence.. but don't let me down! -Amber

Old Dirt Rat Sr.

YO LET'S NOT BRUSH OUR TEEF! SIT IN SWEATPANT SWAMP AND GET DAY DRUNK! I love you and can't wait to fight in the water wars of 2045 with you!


Early in winter I start to say it. Over and over in my relentless way. I tell you spring is coming! If you were not here I would be wrong.


I feel lucky to have the life i have with you, u lil maniac- i eagerly await whatever’s next. Ty for taking such wonderful care of cubby. Ily forever


Saddest V day ever! You totally broke me. I can’t stop thinking of how different we used to be. I miss the fun and the fucking! FIX IT SOON! ❤️boo


We've been thru a Lot together! When we met I felt an instant connection with you & gave you my ❤️. Let's plan a getaway ASAP to renew our love! XOXO


Stay sweet, sour, strong, stupendous, sporty, silly, sassy, saintly, salacious, salient, scrappy, safe, snuggly, snappy, social, soulful, and SKATING!


I think you are a magical person, beautiful, talented and driven to create, and also so caring for every one around you. Let's go on adventures!

Lil Loofa

Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s no one I’d rather cuddle or hump than you. Love you (even when your stinky), ❤️ Polar Bear


Let’s make a mess, mess, mess. Love you.


I will always love you, wherever you are… Xoxo George


Honey bunches, i love you more than chocolate and kitty. Thanks for saving my life.... Twice.

Great Luv Of My Life

I want u 2 know how amazing u r & ours will b the greatest luv story in history of luv I luv u more than there r words 4 we will have best life 4ever!


You will always be my favorite daughter! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you, mom

Boobear muffin

I love you, let’s get weird


I still like you and I hope that you still feel the same. I’m sorry we can’t be together today.


I may love me some Del Taco, but your taco is my favorite. Every night is Taco Night with you. 😘❤️

Favorite Idaho Spud

Still loving you after all these years and wanting for nothing, EXCEPT (Your Rock Hard Smile). Will love you forever, The Blonda in the Honda!

Hawaiian Lover

What a sexy romantic lovers getaway. Oh I mean pukey diarrhea drooling busybody kids waking up at 6am. You are the wasabi to my poke. Aloha au ia 'oe.


You make everything better, brighter, & more beautiful. I love you so much more than you know. I'm a fool for you, Jordan. Happy Vtines Day♡ Danielle


You can bang my drum any time, I love you! Happy v day! From Ida


You are the scottish to my terrier and the best of all the treasures. Love you forever. B


You are smart, brave, sexy, & stubborn. My patient mirror, goat to my ram, let’s leap together. What is this life if not for love? Text me? :)


You got dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Thighs like what, what, what. Baby, move your butt, butt, butt. All night long. 420KeyLimePieKing69


Holy forking shirtballs, you are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I love you so much, but we have GOT to stop adding pets to the family.


D<3 I in love with thee,twas unbearable to glean reality,not in love was he?blasphemy!thrust to the core of me,souls doth weep for me,heal thee bA&F-V


Luv u,a&f,I'll be here,ppl ask if I'm afraid ur gone,nope,if I can stumble through life,you"ll SOAR:)I"ve seen1st20yrs w/u,I theorize you'll thrive<3!


You are the sweetest sweetie to ever sweet. 💗 Loves my sweetest Babysize.

Goddess Azalea

To Goddess Azalea, You are wise, radiant, and humorous and I continue to worship you. Happy Valentine's Day!


You are the love of my life, since we first met so many years ago. And now I am sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Yours totally!


Pictures of you. The gaps are longer but I’ll always remember. Thank you for saving me.


You’re my best friend, you’re my pal, you’re my homegirl, my rotten soldier, my sweet cheese, my good time lady. Thanks for putting up with me.

Doctor Lecter

The lambs aren't screaming, but I sure will be. I'll let you feast on whichever body parts you want, baby! - S.A. Clarice Starling

Butter Bean

We love you so so much and appreciate everything you do for us. Your greed with treats can be overlooked. Love Always, Your Starshine, Busy, Suzanne


11 Valentine’s Days & my ❤️ still explodes & my parts still flutter just spending time with you. I’ll invest in any wardrobe that makes you feel sexy.


#welcometotheFlats I found u, felt u, f***** u, and.... FELL IN LOVE WITH U. Baby you're 10 feet tall & got more yellow than anyone I know. I love u

Golden beet

love you so much. can't wait to visit Paris with you again, even if it's in our imagination


Thank you for blessing my life. Every minute with you feels like heaven. Happy V day babe!


You are the love of my life, my favorite, the one who makes me smile. I'd never give you up, let you down, run around and desert you. Love, Morty


I love you with all my heart. Now and always. No retornable. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Jam Jam

Love you to the moon and back. Love you forever and always. Love you!

Pooh Bear

Throwback to one of my first pet names for you: "How do you spell love?" asked Piglet. "You don't spell it. You feel it," said Pooh Bear. I love you!

Mary W

My dove, my sweetheart, my darling. My love for you is boundless and I am so grateful to have you as my partner. You're perfect and I adore you.


Or should it be Candy Crush? Love you and the spontaneity in our lives. Loves and snuggles from your Muffin (and the smelly kitties).


I know that we’ve been living in an absolute hellscape, but there’s no one that I’d wanna do life with than you. I lubba you so, so, so much!


You want to entwine, & being together just feels right, but you're afraid the boundaries you need aren't fair. Dare to ask for what you want, Melissa.


Mr. Irresistible is your name for a reason! I am so glad you're mine. I hope you feel loved, admired, cherished, adored and lusted after!

Sana Banana

I love, love, LOVE you! I am so proud and happy to call you my wife!!! You are so beautiful and amazing!! Love you forever, Your Panda Bear

My Englishman

You are amazing husband. You are wonderful and I am blessed to hooked up with you 20 years ago online and then in person. You are my heart. Love 4ev

My Englishman

You are amazing husband. You are wonderful and I am blessed to hooked up with you 20 years ago online and then in person. You are my heart. Love 4ev


Roses are red Pandas are white and black Here is a Valentine Don’t send it back!

Cinnamon Roll

Thanks for being the sweetest treat this past year- the moon to my sun, the source of my giggles. love, your desperate simp ho


Je t'aime plus qu'hier, moins que demain


Baby, ooh baby I love to call you baby Baby, oh oh baby I love for you to call me baby. When you squeeze me real tight You make wrong things right...


You control my movements and my brain, so I release spores into the air and spread my seed.


I am so happy with u. I love u. I am so proud of our hard work & growth that has brought us to this wonderful place. U still have the stinkiest farts.

Lost Poutine

I'm so sorry you did not get your treat today! We;ll get it later, but let's go find something better this afternoon! Love, Dogfaced boyfro


I still, and will always, love you to the moon and back. The long way, not the short way. Happy 4th Valentine.


You make my heart flutter like a butterfly and all my dreams come true.


From oregons best buds to fiancés. I love you more than ever.


Hey. I have fun with you. Haven't had this much fun with someone in a long time. I'm glad we didn't puke together that night. You are a karaoke star!

Mister Big Deal

Even when you're grouchy and grumpy, the Ding-Dong Dog and I still love you! Thanks for all the adventures. Hopefully, there are many more to come.


I love you and think you're cute, even if you have boils all over your body. Happy Valentines Day, my love.

Apple Butter Dalena

You’re sweet like Apple Butter and I love it when you smother my muffin. Here’s to more decades of love, adventure, and discussing the budget!


You are the most amazing, wonderful person I've ever met. Thank you for being in my life. - Rock Rock


17 years of marriage, over 20 years together and 2 kids. Personal Best Record. High 5 and Happy V-Day.


It is a privilege and honor to care for blue dragon so tenderly all these years.


We love you so much forever and are sorry that you didn’t make it to one more Valentine’s Day with us. You‘re the absolute best there could ever be <3

Hanky Panky

Won't you be my cutie patootie husband? Thanks for taking care of me + Mr. Pumpkin xxR




I love you, Bro. Thanks for livin this life with me.

You Say V

I say &$?@% I’ll be your strategy to transform anyday. Much love BB122


Uh oh! We got trouble! It’s time to get to work and build our Couple Bubble! I love you and I’m glad we’re finally putting in the work!


To Ha El, the laughter of god: everything is fallen, dear everything is wrong it's just history repeating itself And Babe, you turn me on


I love, and will always love, sinking my dick in your butt and letting him live in there. Happy Valentine's, though we don't really care. xoxo

Goddess Ca$h

Dearest sweet Sadistic thoughtful Goddess Ca$h ~ thank you for every moment in your presence ~ here's hoping for many more 🖤 🌹 💙

Nice Old Lady

Whata coupla years, eh? I'm a lucky old grouch to have you in my life. (The cranky old dog also). Here's to a few more decades :)


I love you from Mt Hood to the coast. From the stars to the earth. In this life or any other. Always yours, Lauren

The Joe

I'm so grateful that you're my hot husband, and you're an even better father than I imagined. Our team is the best team. <3


You kill me. You've become my best friend, you have my back and you push me to be the person I should be. I Love you.

One eyed Jon

Life is so fun being loved by you! You are my absolute favorite human and I feel so lucky to call you mine. Happy Valentine’s. I love you forever <3

One eyed Jon

Life is so fun being loved by you! You are my absolute favorite human and I feel so lucky to call you mine. Happy Valentine’s. I love you forever <3

Secret Cowboy

I love you through every nickname we got. Darlin I love you. You give me faith to go on. From your Velouria


To the finest valentine in the land - I love you and this crazy life we've built together. thanks for being so amazing. love, teebers xoxoxo/tlf/mfeo


Be my (emperor) pal-entine. Or penguin. Or something. 😘