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Mr. Doutibatum

You are my life's greatest adventure and I love you every single day <3 <3 <3 Adventure Buddies 4 Lyfe!!


Happy Valentines Day! We love you to infinity and beyond! Love, Mom and Dad


Imitating farts, you infatuate my heart, and you've been the cutiest and the tootiest lady from the start! Loves you, mon bbb!


Thanks for being my beeb, my pillow, my cat daddy, my protector and my best friend. I love you!




The way you call this BooBoo Hearts Day is one of the reasons why I fall for you every day. Let's hold hands and eat candy. Love, Joey Rocc.


Don't care what people say, just follow your own way. Don't give up and use the chance, to return to innocence.

Spiff Chili

Your massive, beautiful, sustaining love warps space. It's gravity. Kids, pets and I are moons in your orbit. You're the center of our everything. HHS


Hey! We made it to the paper! I just wanted to say thanks for everything you do for me. You are the most best/amazing person ever. Ily happy v-day


i'll never look at an s-shaped mylar balloon the same again. last night i had a dream you said you loved me. hot bubbly cheese oozing from my pores <3

Kimbo (BadenBaden) K

You are the love of my life! I'm so grateful to have grown with you over these 15 odd years and look forward to cultivating our bean sprout together!


To my luver, my best friend and my loveable sloth companion, I love you with all of my heart:). (p.s., my present better not be shoplifted again).

Honey Badger

You make me the happiest girl in the world because I get to call you mine. Even with barnyard butt, youre my favorite person and best friend. I ❤️ you


Hate to see you leave, but love to watch you go... 'Cause of your butt. All our love, ShitBird and Ziggy


Roses are red, true love is rare. Booty, booty, booty, booty rockin' everywhere! From your Sunshine.


Thank you for loving me, and always giving in when I demand it. I love you and our boys.

Ol' Mingy Stingy

You're the bee's knees, cat's pajamas, apple of my eye, spider's ankles, one in a million. How do I say that you're my all? Not ready for baby 2 tho.


Thirty-five years since I looked across the dance floor and saw your sweet face. I am so glad you invited me home for herb tea. Love, Larry

Dead Foot

You're the smartest (maybe too smart), funniest, & strongest man/super-hero I know (you can lift so many trucks). I'm so glad you're mine. I <3 you!


You take my hand and lead me through the dark. You give me what I am afraid to ask for. I disappear into you and come out stronger. I belong to you ❤️

Joe Baby

You have my heart, and have not once dropped it. Love often dulls over time. Mine for you grows brighter and fiercer. You are a worthy object of it.

Colin aka Butternut

Thank you for caring for our tiny family, for loving unconditionally, & ensuring hangry meows result in nourishment. Kitty and I love you for always.




Love of my life...after 17 wonderful years, let’s put a ring on it! xxxooo


You make my heart do giant strawberry slams every day. I love you more than words can say! Love, Smelly Shelly


I love you more than ever, and I think about our future all the time. The best thing that happened to me in Portland was meeting you!

Gund Bear

I choo choo choo chooooose you ! Forever and always B !


Thank you for the bright smiles and the gorgeous goodbyes kind and encouraging words. Wouldn’t laugh without your demeanor. Seriously thanx. -ur staff


🦝❤️🐿 Thanks for taking me to the ER. I promise to take you on the Staten Island Ferry next month. You smell nice. Ba doop BA DOOP!


I’m so glad that in a few months time, I might be able to see you in person more easily. I think we both know that great things may come of that.


Thank you for being you. And for putting up with me being me. Even when times are tough, I feel lucky you’re in my life. xoxoxo —E


I'm the luckiest little girl in the world. I'm so glad we came from the same star <3 Happy Valentine's Day from your BabyGirl

Proud Whisperstache

I’m so stoked to be your wife, you make me happier than someone playing a fife. Let’s stay together forever.


Twenty Fucking Five Fucking Unbelievably Fucking Great Fucking Years of wedded bliss. I Fucking love you. David


Thinking of you my love😘 Maybe someday we can get it right ❤️Love you always

Hux-a-mux and Sweets

Look! You are in the newspaper! Love you both and Arlo and Rhea toooooo.

Sweaty Pie

Ten years it’s been of you making my head spin, The residing desire fires my pyres, fueled by what we are within. Dusa moja, volim te najvise.


Laissez le bon temps rouler, mon amour. -T

V The Boo Thang

It’s already our 3rd Valentines Day. Happy V-Day Baby Bay Bay! The Love journey has been wonderful and look forward to many more. Bong sralanyh own!


Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Birthday, beb! Looking forward to many more crossword puzzles & brunches, and our tweekend in Bend. All the cuds, M.


Hmph. You hate me. JK! Last time last time!! Last year hadn't been a year. Now it's almost two!? Why not?! Every day is valentine's day with you huh?


Mi azuquita pa’l café. besos, Babalu


I look forward to our new life. I love the way you love me....



Thomas S. Jr.

U better no who is writing this Valentines, 😆 I want you to know how much I VALUE US! U smile, I smile, U laugh I laugh, U love, AND I LOVE YOU APRIL

Jordan Mae

I wasn't brave when I needed to be. But I'm leaning into it now. Yes, I have feelings 4 you, Jordan. You're amazing! Happy Valentine's Day! -Danielle


I love you Hunty, I’ve loved you since the burrito station. Oregon’s best buds no matter what.

Mr. Kwäle-tee

You’re the butter to my bread. Thank you for showing me what quality looks like all these years. I adore you, sug.


So far I've loved you up in Italia, Guatemala and the Yucatan. To share w/ you in travel and adventure is everything. I love you!! Maui bound, baybay!


Your love has illuminated every room in this darkly abandoned house of a heart..Thank you for being an inspiration to love again. I adore you dearly.


I snuggle your pants. You're the best and I love you with all my heart. -SnugglePoops


My deer, happy valentines! Every day with you is an exceptional gift and you fill my life with more laughter and love than I could’ve asked for. ilysm


You are the sexiest, strongest, most loving partner ever. xoxo


One year of loving you has been my favorite thing. I'm so happy we've created a home together. Let's go buy more plants!


This year marks 10 years of marriage and an event that shook us to our core. If we can get through this, we can tackle anything. I adore you googles.


Thank u 4 your butt and cleaning my ears and dog-boating me and I wish you smelled more like ham but its okay I still love you


You’re such an incredible gf that I had to put it in print. Thanks for making me a better person, beautiful. I <3 you more than you know. -Latisha

Ryan Devo

1 year of living in sin down, many more to go. Thank you for making me so happy, thank you for being you, and thank you for making me feel most irie.


I love you more than Penelope loves throwing up on hard to clean places. Love, Claire


You are my numero UNO, my precious, my bff. STOKED on us, on you. Love you to bits!


You have reved tractor boys engine and he's going to crash on over like a freight train!


I love your face!!! And all of your dabs that u kick down to me I'm the bearded friend that's trying to get down your pants!!! Will u be my valentine?


Happy Valentines Day/ Birthday/ 1 Year anniversary! This note counts as a gift for all 3 events! What an amazing, thrifty, boyfriend you have! Lucky U


You are the love of my life, the fire to my ice, my bear. Here’s to the next 100 years. Love, Jillian


Thank you for being such a good dad to Smoosh. We both love you so much. More than we love bacon. And socks.


I may not always have $$$ however u will always try and give. U everything I can. I love u happy v-Day love u


I love you more than cheese loves apples, than cats love dogs, than French Canadians love Quebec, than grocers love groceries, than we love the Merc


Now you're my Fiance, but will you also be my Valentine?! Love you Half Sock xo, Jenessa

DJ $5 Soul

I love the way you spin my heart, each time you play my favorite tunes! Love forever, HJ

Rachie Cee

I hope this Valentine’s Day will be better. Because you won’t get your hair cut and be sad. I bet we will eat a Screen Door. Only time will tell LoveD


feels like we're an old married couple these days but you make me smile more than ever. its the best. we're always better than okay love.

booger butt

I promise to annoy and love you for the rest of your life. Egg quesadillas and all baby.


U maybe a brat sometimes however u will always be mine. I love u so much I am glade that I get to call u my daughter.


36 years of Valentine's day with you have been perfect! You'll always be my Valentine!


My darling, my devil, I love you dumb cat


Love you so hard baby! - KR

Perty Lerdy

You're my favorite and we're so lucky your ours. Marzipan and Germy are so wonderfully fun and beautiful mixes of all that we are. Thank you for love.


You have no idea how glad I am that you zagged on me in 2017. I am so excited for our new chapter together. I love you, bear/bee/bunny/bean baby.


I'm so in love with u/ our life together. Thank you for sharing your heart (& other parts!). Let's keep doing the work babes, we are worth it. xoxo




Thanks for being such a sweet little worm and touching my little worm heart.


hey! you! you amaze me more and more everyday and there's no one else i'd rather share my crazy life with. love you bingo bongo <3


my sun, my home, my love. To wake up next you every day is a dream. Your wide eyes are [still] the only light I know. I love you with all of my heart.


To my favorite finance whiz, aspiring comedian, and champion Cub Scout salesman. Happy Valentine's Day, buddy.


To my nocturnal daughter and the headmistress of Veronica School. I can't wait to see what adventures we have in 2020. Love you.


I'm so lucky to call you my valentine and watch our love grow every day like a big, beautiful begonia!


I love you, even though you don't put the covers around your neck like a normal human.


It's so liberating to be attached to someone who's roughly as sad and broken as me for a change. Here's to escaping misery together. I LOVE YOU!!!

La Pood

You said yes! So excited to marry you. I’m the luckiest beast on two feat. Love you, Robert


My kind, curious & thoughtful guy - I'm so glad we found each other. Can't wait to be married xxx I love you, my boobae!


Roses are red, violets are blue,you’re the yellowest rose in town. I love you mostest toastest toaster strudel drunken noodle drunken chicken sandwich

Bob The Baker

It has been way too long since we had anal sex. Let's do it in the butt for Valentine's day! Love you cutie!



Trimet Ron

Silence makes me want you more Ravish me again Kiss me touch me lick me penetrate me Essence drips from lips U intoxicate my soul I await your call


The only downside of knowing how many people love & admire you is that there isn’t much to say that they haven’t already said. But it’s all true! XOXO




You're the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. I am so happy you are in my life for the long haul.


I sure am lucky, Hot Stuff! Happy Valentines.


From Bothel to Roseburg & Coos Bay to Bend, I’ve loved every trip with you and our two hooligans. Can’t wait to Airstream together this year! Love U!

Sweet Thaaang

Shawty you da best, you da, you da best! I love you the most! -Hot Stuff