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Thank you for everything you do for me and for our little family. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Ahma and Papa

Thanks for all your tremendous care for us adult kids and the gobot. Glad to be whisking you away for a break this weekend! Love, Robo


You are my soulmate, my bashert, my best friend. I love you!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day!


Thank you for being silly with me, supporting my DIY projects, and always keeping me warm. I am excited to laugh with you for years to come. Love you!

Bunny MS

Another amazing year with you is all I could ask for! I am very excited and grateful for you, lemon and our future together


There's no one I'd rather suck toes with than you <3 Love, Palin


There is no place more at home than with you. I'm sorry I plan too many events, but everything is more fun with you around

Misses Pickle

Oh Sargent Pepper, you make me hotter than the Coronavirus. I cant wait to start prepping for the outbreak with you. Meow Meow.


Love is more time to share. It’s really when you care. It’s two people joined.I was in love with you before you could drop a coin.


You're dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.


Daughter, you’re purrfect. Why shouldn’t your Valentine’s Day be purrfect, too?! Hope it is just like you! LOVE YOU MEOW

Aireyonna Monique

For as much as life will bring about change, some things will always remain the same that I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Aireyonna Monique

For as much as life will bring about change, some things will always remain the same that I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Savannah Marie

I’m sending a Valentine especially to you because you’re super special, and I love you, too! Happy Valentine’s Day, Daughter!


In case you had any doubts, I wanted to ensure you that you are TOTALLY LOVED! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Thank you for joining my family!


I am so glad we lucked into this life-changing, life-affirming, soul-nourishing, deeply dirty/sweaty thing we have going on here. You saved my year <3


While not your only Valentine had, For this simple fact I won't be sad. Tho many gals you've formerly crushed on, I'm the only one wearing a strapon.

S.P. Kelly

Happy valentines day to my pretty wife, companion in life & adventure and best mother to the fuzzy bunch <3 hoku bunns & the noodle


I miss you honey.

Jayson My Love

Thank you for being my valentine for the past 18 Years. I can't imagine life without you, we love you more than you'll ever know. Love, Val and Raiden




Thank you for always accepting me when I sing Wonderwall.

Book Nerd Boner

Damn Toots! I fucking love you so much. You’re my dream come true, light of my life, master of the universe. I’m forever your morning coffee bringer.

Ava D.

Happy Valentine's Day! We love your humor, curiosity and your passion for basketball. You are an AWESOME kid! Love, Mom & Dad. Meow (=^.^=) meow.

Sacred Segbor!

I love you so much, and I'm so happy to have you in my life. I hope you have a good year and I hope to see you often. Hugs and kisses.


Happiest commercialized love day! I love you to the moon and back.


Unconditionally Now Always Forever

Beefsteak Begonia

I appreciate you infinitely! I'll always be here to nibble on your neck from behind and scare you (forever, minimal effort). I love you so much. ACAB.

Tanna Banana

2 Devil’s,No details. A Prince at our feet. To rich for a free turkey. So poor we gotta save our cans to eat. 35 Lost Lb’s. It’s The Good Life for Me!


How I've missed you. I hope you are happy wherever you are, but wish you were here to give me a number-two buzzcut. I would take it all off for you.


You caught me with your ultra ball on the first throw. We will be the very best, like no one ever was. Let's make poke'love❤️xoxo c+k+k


You still make my heart race. You make me *feel* my heart. Love, Mouse


You the best!! Can't wait to be Moms and I love you the most!


Mine def wants some because you got buns hun! You make me so happy. You make my nethers the most rigid. My love for you always evolves. I <3 you mucho


I love you right meow and purrever, even if you are a cakesniffer! Love, your partners in crime & cat naps, -Linds, Moe, & Drex


Roses are red Violets are blue Give me boos Before I geesh on you

Dear Demecio

I like you a bunch. I love you as much as you let me.

Chris B.

I'm aware of your need to be exceptionally naughty. Let me keep you on your tippy-toes and you can lick my lips. Lets dance in the kitchen again.


When you squeeze me real tight You know you make wrong things right And I can't stop loving you And I won't stop calling you B-a-b-y


You will always be my Coffee Powered Cunt Robot. I love you and your sweet tiny booty.


This first year in Portland together has been delish. Here's to another year of spending too much on natural wine and eating out. <3 <3 <3


I’m so lucky I get to spend my diamond days & my rock days with you. You’re a terrific copilot & co-parent and you make me laugh every day. I love!


Love you so much you little dork! Sorry I have to work for Valentine's Day. Can't wait for our vacations babycakes!


Chewy Goat Heads have revamped their dinner menu. You still eat, right? I miss eating dinner with you. Let's do it, already! ~Missy


Being with you makes life better. More fun and full of tasty foods. I want to make babies at you and keep you safe and happy forever. Love, Superman.


Roses are red, Violets are Blue, You’re officially my hubby, So I can fart on you. Always & Forever,


To my Evangeline- de most beautiful firefly in de whole bayou! You light up my life baby. Keep shining!


call me a hoarder, call me a dragon i will carry every rock we ever found together arrange them in a heart at the feet of god to honor my love for us


I'd ride to La Colonia for your tamps every day of the week if you needed me to. Right now, I just can't wait to get home, put on my pajama pants...


It's a me! Here's to another year with our two little maniacs. I am so proud of our family, and proud to call you my valentine. I still get a thrill!

Thos Daddy #2

Your wiener worked again to create another beautiful specimen.Thank you for all of your love & support in 2019. U R the best drawer! Love, McMama #2


Another yr, another valentine! Here's 2 more laughs, endless couch cuddles & continuing 2 build a beautiful home 2gether. I <3 U - ur grl w the crls


You’re the fruit to my loom, the almond milk to my Reese’s Puffs, the butter to my bread, and the breath of my life. I adore you. Love, J


I love you. You big, dumb animal. Thanks for everything.


I've never really liked this holiday but then I met you. I can't wait to shower you with all my affection in Napa this year. PS your ass is BANGIN. XO


double digits are around the corner.. time flies with you


You’re the yellow in all the sunflowers. You’re my pretty baby. I love you. <3


Thank you for making me finally change my last name. Let's get another cat to celebrate!


I love your little butt so much! You become more and more the human of my dreams with each passing day. Couldn't be happier to be your hotdog bun.


I love you more and more every year! Thanks for being my boo. We have so much to celebrate. And this year, we get to celebrate with PeeWee!


Who would have thought that signing up for the 1988 SIFT trip would lead to such wonderful life with the best traveling companion?! Love...Tiny

Goddess Azalea

Happy Valentines Day to my fierce, fiery Queen. It's been such a joy to adore your beauty, wit, and charm for the last 3 years. Yours, Jay :)


Thanks for making my birthday extra special! - H


Love ya tons hon! Thanks again for being my spouse. Here's to another wonderful year in our colorful house! XOXO Chachi


I love you so very much Grace. You are my heart and Kia Soul. Happy Valentines 2020!


So excited to marry you! 7/24/20 4EVA!!

Sexy Rain

I crave your luscious wet lips, your smoky voice, your intoxicatingly perfectly ass. Our sex nourishes me and I hunger for it with a fiery passion!


Mom loves you forever and ever.


I love you my baby boo, I’m happy the direction we’re going and the future we are creating. Love, Angel sparkle kiss.


I love you more then Keto. Which sucks but we are so hot now. Can’t wait to mraw mraw with you for like the millionth time. Love, Pickle


My love for you is as pure as the Shikon Jewel, peanut! & I will fight every demon that comes our way for it. Love you with all my heart. Chlö.


I love our Darmoks, our Skullcrusher Mtn, your Hulk. More than I can say in 150 characters. Let's get better together and make beautiful mole babies.

My Husband Justin

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoy the matching gift I got us and will wear it with pride during Zwickelmania!


Your lasagna is amazing. Booty, tender kisses 2. Too bad you still in the dog house. J.K., you my boo boo. Angel of mine, you’re top of the line, ILY.


You're my favorite person and the best part of my day. Thanks for being the sweetest treat to come home to. I love you a ton. Love, your valentine <3


I love you more than Fire Sauce. Happy Valentines Day!


You're my favorite. I like your buns and when you make dolphin sounds. I made a jar of pickles for you my love, they're in the fridge.


You have my heart, always & forever. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!


You are the derpiest of all Scandinavian Derp Weasels, my sweet creature. I helped save your life & you helped save mine. I’ll always love you.


I can't think of anyone else in this world that I'd want to figure out life with. Also, ANAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it's mine now)

Sarah My Sweet Love

You are my everything, my best friend & I love you more than these words can say. Over 35 years & till the end of time you will always be mine.

Scarlet Horse

You are such an amazing person, don't ever let anyone ever try to tell you different because the world is a better place with you in it. you are loved

Papa E-Way

I hope 29 is sublime, you are the best kind of find, a soul crafted masterfully from toil and grind, my love for you is blind. Happy Birthday E-Way!

Beautiful Chloe

You are a guiding light and love of my life. One day we will give up on stupid boys and live a life of bliss in our tiny homes. You’re my Frankie!


After 25 years, I still love you and think you're amazing. You and the kids are the world to me. This will be our best year yet! All the smooches. Jme


You are the sweetest girl and our friendship means the world to me. Hopefully by the time you read this you're eating solid foods again. Whiskey soon?

Mr. Houge

Roses are red Violets are blue, your heart is bright red with so much love to give. Your hugs make the world go round. Happy Valentines Day


Thank you for being a good-hearted woman in love with a good timin' man. Loving you is the easiest thing I've ever done.

My Boo Boo

your love, Your hugs, Your giant heart make makes the world so much better. We love you so much. Happy Valentines day boo boo.


You are my bubs, and every time you come home to our little basement hovel and hold me tight, I think how lucky I am. I hope it never ends.


You can be smooth, crunchy and saucy but mostly you’re just fuckin nuts.


You are the bestest, most specialist, most wonderfulest and I love you so so so much. Thank you for being amazing. Now let's have tacos. Or steak.


I'm in love with you.

Camino Acid

Long live the beats and the bass that live in our hearts. We found each other in this lifetime so we could make magick together. Love U4eva! XOXOStino


Happy love day. I love our Portland adventures and snuggles. You make this town even more fun, silly, and adventurous. To many more years.

H Bear

Love your hard chest, thick gams and... your piece. You’ve got a good smile, too. Thanks for keeping it sexy this year. Let’s do it!


You are the greatest thing that has happened to me. You are an amazing Mom to our sweet baby Jeanne and I look forward to the years to come!


Let's run to the sun, lie on the beach and dream of the heights we will reach! Loves!


*bob* chirp *bob* chirp *bob* chirp *bob* chirp


Thank you for blessing the pig & I with being the wonderful person you are. Cheers to you, all your accomplishments this last year & those to come.