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Our Nicole

You're our snexxxy pin-up, our brilliant busy bee, & the honey in our sandwich. We love you so much & are so proud of you! Love, Big Bear & small bear


best russian spy everrr.

chris m

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from mooseph



Thank you for making 2019 one of the best years of my life, and for continuing to remind me I'm not completely losing my mind... yet. <3 I love you.

Babe, Juice, Jerzy

You’re one sweet boi and I’m so happy to have found you. I look forward to a flatulence filled future together, wherever that may be. I love you!


I love, love, love you!


12yrs4mo26dys- I love you more everyday. Glad to take you off the market and make you mine. Happy V-Day


I love your love and adore your adoration -- thank you for being your own true self so I can return the flavor!!!

Doctor Jennifer

You have saved & subsequently enlightened my life & my respect for both you & myself with your compassion & insights & kindnesses -- you're the best!

Shiny Shoes

I am so sorry for being so selfish and being caught up in my world this last year.All we have is now and I am so fortunate to spend time with you.

Dooley, Scott, Kiram

You are the khoresht to my tadig! We laugh so much and I love being with you. Happy 1st Valentines Day in Portland! Boos boos x 1 million, Kosey


Love you like a fat girl loves cake.


You are the best. I cannot wait to marry you. Thank you for always loving me. I love you infinitely. Schmoopsie


I know plenty of people with eyes closed they don't see you like I do, and I do love you. Schmoopsie

Dear Chestnut, You're my favorite pony! Love, Cinnamon


I love you so babe! Remember when we got married and then saw //^@^\\ ?! I love you

Mr. Trump

I want to break up.

Holly Elyse

My love for you is deeper than the Mariana Trench, you’re the purpose of all of my valentine day’s. It’s been 11 years and I can’t wait to marry you

Elevator Man

I love you more and more each and every day so lets plan something special for this year's Valentine's Day, okay?! Hugs and kisses!

Beth Lenore

Who knew 2020 would be the year I check the “married” box on surveys. Can’t believe you want to put up with my neurotic self still. Here’s to 12 more.


I love you son. Had a little scare late last year but now you are all feeling better. Neight, Bill and Michael (Prescott boyz) love you very much.

Xanadu/Roller Skates

Parts long for all that is familiar and adored, parts for a miracle to be strangers about to meet again. I still really like you, can we repair us?


Inverted Vulcan, fun doesn’t even begin to describe it. Perfect push, pull, pressure. Still want you, it and more. Still here. We should do it again!


15 years and I still can’t get enough of you. I can’t quit you and know that I wouldn’t want to. Let’s see the world together until we can’t endure.

Rolley Dragon



The jalapeño poppers are still coming your way


Laika and I are so proud of you and everything you've done so far in law school. I'm so happy to accompany you on your journey. Happy Palintines Day!


I tell you everyday that you’re my favorite because everyday you cease to be exactly that. You are my best friend and adventure parter- I love you


Your the best thing, next to sliced bread...

Michele Shelly Belly

I love and adore who you really are. Always have and I always well. You are so amazing in so many ways. My heart skips a beat whenever I see you xoxo.

Boo Bae

I LOVE being with you!I LOVE living with you!I LOVE the creatures we share and the cute lil beast we made!You da best!We da best!I LOVE and adore you!


JJ Love you like a favorite mouse or dart. XOXO, A


Who would have thought a kiss would have turned into this. All these years and we still can't get rid of each other. Have my baby, baby ;) xoxoxoxoxo


In grieving, my truly aching heart is convinced there is hope. Its sad for you & for me. I hope1day you'll! be free. my suffering may last forever.


YOU ARE! SO RAD! I love you so incredibly much. Wtf! I love all our stupid jokes. I love your damn face. Thank you for being so wonderful to me.


Lv y s mch! Yr s rd!


How did I get so lucky? You are amazing and a 100% good sport. I'm wildly in love with you. Super casual, nbd. Can't wait to build things with you. <3

Mom an Dad

Still so glad you took me from those other parents. Love you guys forever :3


Me loves you long time! I am the luckiest girl in the world. And we actually have something to do for VD this year. Clyde's Prime Rib someday?


Top hairstylist, navigator, aggregator, gourmet, travel agent, and can you be so unemployed?! But I love you anyway! Jimster

Little Wifey

Our sex life continues to get better and better, while your ass gets more and more irresistible. Looking forward to another decade of bonin' -HB


Way too busy fucking on the sofa or the kitchen table. You’re my favorite, now & always. I love you so so so much. Let’s go make a baby yoda...


11 Valentines Days later, and I’m hotter for you than I was on our first. ;) Thank you for making a Whuffler with me—and for making me a Stan. IWLYF.


So PROUD of you, mama. Keep it poppin,’ pussy princess. Love you through & through, AQ


Eat ass, suck pussy, cum hard, smack bottoms, tie down, ride cock, screw good, send nudes ;) Happy Birthday, fuck you soon!


Well here we are. We need some help. But know I love you and I am rooting for us to make it. I'm looking forward to our traditional Zwicklemania. XO J


I will always hold your hand tighter. I love you. Thank you for being the Aries to my Libra//the Gemini to my Sagg ❤️


Dreaming of just one bed in our room and staying there ALL night! This is our year!!! I’ll LOVE YOU Forever! XOXOXXXO - Titmouse


I adore u...always will ..i wish things were different...i think of u often..victopia i miss u


You're so fun! I love all our good times together, I really dig what's playin. ❤️G


Love you to the moon and back!


Amorcita, mi corazon esta lleno cada vez que miro en tus ojos.I loved you before I even knew you, and will continue to love you after I'm gone.--JG

Kevin B

Kevin, you changed my everything. Please pick me up from Queer Horror since I'll be drunk. xoxoxox T


You are my world. Since the day we met, I only think of when I get to see you next. Your Hand In Mine....Forever. Love always, Annie


! Can't believe it's been a year. Are we still on for table side shawarma today!? I hope so. I love you.

Beanie Baby

I love you and your sexy bunny sweater. I want to nibble your toes and jump your bones. Cant wait to make that booty go clap xoxo your wife


I'm so happy that I get to call you my wife this V day. To the badass chef who wins my heart over and over again, I love you, I love you, I love you.


I think about you every day.


You'll always be my Valentine. I hope you go to sleep every night knowing how very much you're loved. Happy ooeygooeyheart day, Iloveyou. ❤️ Mommy


Skittles, Duffys's, three boyfriends, this is fine, yes I am flirting with you. Thanks for being my partner in drunken shenanigans. Clementine


Will U B my valentine 4 the rest of my life.. or @ least until ChiChi grows up & U trade me in 4 a new hubby w/hotter abs & more hair? #understandable


Happy valentine day. U fill my heart with happiness'n'love and my belly with yum. Thank U 4 always hugging me and keeping me warm at night. U R best!


Over a dozen years, I've been your sweet talker, and you've let me be a punk rocker, but only now do I know you love the shocker



Mad Hanna

You cultivate community and you celebrate the weirdos. Thank you for having my back and for being the best watering hole around. So grateful!


I love to see your boobswobble and I love you! You'd better be my valentine forever!!


you spit in my mouth & changed my life. do that again soon, pls.


Portland roses are red Denver Nuggets are blue You can take the girl out of 97214 But my heart will always blaze for you! Miss you, PDX... ~Casey

Spoon Dizzle

We're vegan, I'm in therapy, you do headstands in yoga, and our kid is almost in kindergarten. What a ride & evolution! I love you with all my heart!


I want all the blue skies with you and I’ll definitely lay down for that! ;P Love you mucho bb. Muah.